Sunday, April 7, 2013

Its Spring!!!

Man it felt good to take down the plastic from the windows and open them wide today!

I was in full spring cleaning mode. Rearranged my entire living room. I love change! Well... in the house. I love change in the house. Other things  - I am more a creature of routine and habit so...

I got my walkway to my house all prettied up. My roses and moms are showing signs of life and my tulips are growing. I have one spot where I put a mum that is just not working. Last year it never came back up. I then dug it up and got a new one. I thought perhaps a kid was trampling it or it got frosted. But this year - same spot, no return. So I have a feeling it is just the ground there. Oh well for the small price they are, I will keep it in that spot and just regrow it each year. Sad but it is right where I WANT it to be. So I will do what I have to do.

It is also that time of year again where I am working on getting back into my walking and running. I use the C25K app on my iphone and it takes me slowly up to running a 5K. But since I went into winter hibernation and this year didn't keep it up at the Gym ... (had to cut costs) I am back at square one.

But I have to keep my butt going because my friends and I signed up for a Dirty Girls Mud Run for Breast Cancer in June. Super excited about the 5K Obstacle course... the mud??? well.... ok super fun too. Just kicking myself because I just threw away my old tennis shoes I used to keep for Tubing. I am not so sure if I will buy a new pair of running shoes and kill the ones I have. I really like my running shoes though but buying new shoes for this run to kill... wonder if I can find a friend with an old pair of decent (gotta run and climb in them) size 8 or 8.5 they want to let me trash.....

My dad is pondering taking back his garden! I think we might convince him. He sacrificed for a few years his garden space as the only level spot in his backyard to give my kids a trampoline. I am super grateful for that but this year... I WANT A GARDEN! ... :0) And so does my daughter. The boys are bucking the idea. I LIVED to garden with my dad when I was little. It was our special thing each winter. He would let me draw and plot the garden. Make a map and that spring he would use my design and plant. Always tons of peas around the edges. Love peas! Cucumbers, Kalahari... those were my garden favorites as a kid. Now that I am older I want to add in spinach, lettuce, and ok the tomatoes, onions and peppers can be there too. I don't really like those but :0)

Anyways.... Spring is here! I love it! love it love it! Time to kick this winter crap out! Anyone else been sick ALL Stinkin Winter!?!?!? Yeppers. That was us too. Ready for a fresh new season. 

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  1. Get that trampoline outta there! LOL What boy doesn't like DIGGING in DIRT? :wink:

    It's getting spring-ier here. Most of the snow has melted. We've done some yard cleaning (at least on the part that still doesn't have some snow.)

    We've yet to order our seeds for the garden. Maybe this week? We're going with heirloom, non-GMO this year, but not expanding the garden as planned.