Monday, March 11, 2013

My super awesome online friends and Oil Pulling

Ok, so I have these crazy amazing friends I love with my entire heart. My online friends of 10 YEARS! And crazy as it is - we have stayed together through many site changes and as all of you that know - online friends are the BEST!!!

So these crazy people I have found have introduced me to many many amazing things over the years. I feel like I have grown up with them. I found them the year I got married and they have really helped make me the woman I am today.

I have learned how to cook from them. Yep. Want to know a kid tested recipe, how to do it step by step, they are here at the click of a button. Now ten years later the swipe of a finger on my iphone but I regress... I found passion for Homeschooling and support when I want to crash and burn. Found the love for crazy products like my Diva and cloth pads. Babywearing. Breastfeeding support. They introduce me to awesome entertainment : Doctor Who!  They are computer support learning more that I did from my COLLEGE classes by just asking and gaining from their knowledge. I have learned money saving tips, got closer to God with their support, and survived divorce!

So all that big intro... to say - My newest crazy adventure.

Introducing my try at Oil Pulling! Woot woot!

So what crazy thing am I trying now? Easy Peasy. Swishing a gob of organic coconut oil around in my mouth for as long as I can stand it. 15-20 mins.

Why??? Well cause my girls told me to and I trust them. Ha ha. No really. The benefits sound good. I will let you know. It is to detox your system and makes healthier teeth. Ok I hear people saying how can a mouth swish detox your system. I believe it. With all the cautions we get with dental care on heart problems and when my son was going through Leukemia active treatment he wasn't even allowed to floss due to it could be bad if the germs enter his blood stream. The mouth is access to the blood people. Trust.

So day one : 

I about died putting the gob in my mouth. ICK ICK ICK. Mine is no taste no smell kind but  I have a STRONG gag reflux! First gob was spit out in three seconds. Try two. I got it to melt. After it melted It was ok. I took friends advice and did it while I showered so that got me through 5-10 mins. 
My problem came when I was getting out of the shower and dressed I just couldn't do it and I spit. And unlike I was told, it made it to the sink not toilet. Opps. Better luck tomorrow. 

So then I did the rinse and brush. My teeth feel AMAZING clean right now. So no matter what happens next - if no more benefits come - this is going to be something that will definitely go with my oral routine for now. 

I will keep you posted to how I do! 


  1. I've been reading about oil pulling and tried it once. I think I only made it 10 minutes. lol I want to try again...can't be too bad to try detoxing. I have the yummy tasting coconut oil that I used the first time. It's a great taste and I enjoyed it. Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!

    1. I lasted ten mins too! better than nothing. My coconut oil is tasteless. Which is good for me.
      I was actually thinking of you and wondering if you ever tried it! lol