Thursday, April 18, 2013

Birdseed Feeders for little ones.

I will be making little birdseed feeders with my preschool kids tomorrow at our local Homeschool Co-op. 

I like to use ricecakes because then the birds will eat the entire thing - leaving only the string behind. 

To string up the ricecake you will need to poke a hole in it. This part is the trickiest because if you are not gentle you will crack it right in half. 
I chose to use a straw and wiggled it gently back and forth with a little pressure to make my holes. I broke 2 outta the 12 pack. Not too bad. 

 Next use yarn or ribbon to string the feeders. You want to do this now because once the seed is on - they are messy!

To adhere the seed to the ricecake the traditional way is to use peanut butter. But since we have a highly allergic little one in our class, I am choosing to use vegetable shortening. (Crisco) 

Spread on both sides. 
Then gently press the ricecake into a bowl of bird seed. 

Cover both sides - pressing on it with your fingers a little to make sure the seed is sticking. Then find a nice place outside to hang it up! 

Beautiful and fun. The kids love watching how much the birds (or squirrels -  yes they like them too) have devoured them. :0)

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