Monday, May 14, 2012

New Baby!!!! Anna Alysha is here ... and lesson learned....

So today my bestie Jennifer and her husband Shawn welcomed a new addition to Marxville. Man alive was her hospital room full of people. And KarKar couldn't wait to see what it was like and decided to check herself into the birthing suites too. But her little Connor had to stay put a while longer with a shot to slow her labor down. But Anna Alysha is here!
 Hmmmm. What?? Assmerelda...?? ha ha the story with that goes - Everyone had an opinion on Whether they liked Anna Alysha or Alysha Anna better and if any of you frequent Marxville you will know that opinions are not just given - they are demanded. With love right? That's what it is... anyways. Jenny got fed up last night and told her mother screw it all I am gonna name this kid after dad and you. Assmerelda Ester calling her A$$ for Short for Dad and Ester after Mom (it's Sharon's middle name) So when Jenn told the nurse that story she lovingly made up the name for the bassinette. Assmerelda!

It's even more funny to me because up until the day my little niece was born my Xbil and sister in law smart enough not to be - kept the name secret and She actually was named Esmerelda. Shocked us all but fits her and is pretty today.

Anyways... here I am with my little Anna...

And in other news... today I took a rest on the couch for an hour while the kids played legos. I was reading a book and Wyatt was playing my iphone. Wasn't paying attention and the little stinker erased half the stuff off my phone!!!!! I am sooooo sad to say my 63 floor tower on Dream Heights, my level 20 tree on Dream PetHouse and my new Zoo on Dream Zoo that was REALLY making me happy.... are no more. :( :( :( What a sad sad day for me and my iphone.

I also thought I had lost my running apps but thankfully he just moved those into another folder.

Oh a good note he taught me to make new folders in my pictures! Never knew how to do that but now I do! Got one labeled TY Whatever that means... ha ha. I did figure out how to change the name of the folder too. So I did learn a few things. How to make picture folders and to not doze off when Wyatt is playing my iphone.

Later Taters! Nighty Night!

****Editing to update*****
 Guess Wyatt is teaching me many new things. Ha! I figured out that since I synced my phone to itunes yesterday - my apps were there. And I was able to transfer the lost ones back with minimal data lost! Go me! Guess I should thank Wyatt for all this new knowledge about my phone I am getting... ha!


  1. Haha. That's funny. About your iphone and Wyatt!

  2. Isaac has done that with my ipod at times. You can go into your settings and under restrictions turn off deleting apps. When you want to do it, you have to put in a passcode.