Friday, May 18, 2012

Hells Hollow, Facebook and FINISHED with School this year!!!

First things first - Just in case any of you see my picture on facebook - I did start an account for my field trip coordinator information. This is a very limited account as you all know how iffy I am on the facebook ordeal after last year. So please don't friend request me as I am not opening it up to be like normal. I am using it to post updates in a closed group for our co-op. I do not want it to get back to the way it was and my guard to be let down again. It is just better this way. So thank you for respecting that decision. I may be seen "liking" or commenting on a picture here or there because when I do log in - it is IMPOSSIBLE not to see a few things and hit that ever so tempting like button.

Now... back to regular blogging as normal.

We are done!!!! Another homeschool year in the books. Evaluations were today. Ok ok so I technically have 5 or so days to finish up but with as long as we have to do so... it is going to be "mom I am bored" ok do an Explode the Code page etc type deal. Nothing structured. The Evaluations went very well and portfolios are ready to be turned into the schools when I get around to it.

Done... and then time for My school! Summer session starts Sunday. I am so nervous so please keep me in your prayers. Not nervous about the work... but nervous of figuring out how the online classes actually go! I am sweating that big time! What if my computer is screwed up, what if I don't understand... what if ahhhhhhhhh. Ok... breathe. Sunday. Prayers. Thanks.

Took the kidlets to Hell's hollow at McConnells Mill on Sunday. Super awesome! We left at 10 am and didnt get home till 4ish. I took a picnic in the cooler. We had a blast! Thank God I remembered to pack extra clothes and shoes. Ok so we took along our rain boots and just put back on our normal ones. We were crick stomping fools!

The kids were so excited at the water snakes and grinnies we saw. Too funny. they climbed every fallen tree, walked acrossed some making my heart stop. And my arms were sore! It is fun to crick stomp but I had to hold up and steady Mr. Wyatt the whole time. And he was not missing a beat of being in there with the kids. I lost a pound! ha ha

here are some pics.

Night all - Babysitting early tomorrow. Gotta go to sleep so I don't scare Dan to death looking like - well me in the morning - when he comes to drop Abby off. lol I shall at least attempt to look presentable. Unlike my regular morning sitting - I just roll outta bed and open the door glasses and all. Poor Ashton. No wonder he hates getting up for school. ha ha.


  1. If you want to expand a wee bit on FB you could be added to our private F.I.C. board...we still post there every so often.

    1. Oh Angela great idea!!! Private boards r so ok! Can you message me a link or who owns the group ( wasn't me was it? ) lol. So I can figure out how to get added?

    2. It looks like we are all admins...I am not sure how that works, but I can try to add you, if I can find you, lol.

  2. I found you...I think that I added you or sent you something...Larisa tried too, so check your account and let us know.

  3. Congrats on finishing your homeschool year!! Great pictures!

  4. Linda, I think we can only add you if one of us is friends with you. So friend one of us.