Sunday, May 13, 2012

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Pictures Galore!

So for Mother's Day this year we got mom this Picture Album that stands like a plaque. It is nice I think (Well I should since I picked it as a gift right? lol) But it holds pictures so here are the pictures we took/got to put in it. (I also sewed her a new bag holder for walmart sacks - the one she had I  made her when I was 17... it was well time for a new one!)

Here is my beautiful niece Adelyn Grace...
 A Family Picture of my big brother Josh, his wife Christy and my nephew Nathan.
 My 3 kidlets
 My little brother Chris, his wife Lauren and Adelyn
 My kidlets and me. It was kinda funny. It was raining when I took these. I had my tripod in the field by my house and we kept hitting the timer, running into place and then saying go! And running to look at our shots. I think we had more fun than ever taking pictures. We were laughing and getting wet - looking like goofballs for the neighbors to watch but it don't matter. It was fun!
 My kidlets and I again.
 Big brother Josh and Christy and Nathan
 Then today for Mother's Day after I got the kids back from Justin we went to my mom's house and they got to meet Maggie. They were surprised to find her there because I did not tell them my parents got a puppy. Of course they adored her!
 And Here is Grandma with her babies on Mother's Day.
 Puppies and Babies - my kids love to  hold them. Tristan especially is a tender hearted soul for babies and puppies. He so loves them!
 Me, Myself and I. Tamara put a few more highlights in the hair yesterday from when she did it last week.
 And Mr. Wyatt and Me. His little mouth is still sore and I am not sure he is 100% himself yet... but on the mend.
Happy Mother's Day to all my wonderful friends!!!

And super excited - tomorrow morning my bestie Jennifer is being induced. 5am. Prayers!!!! Can't wait to meet the newest little Bowser tomorrow!! Night All!


  1. I love reading your posts. And.... I do love my mother's day gifts!

  2. Your family is so beautiful, all of them. I am doing well. Miss seeing you on facebook. Thanks for reading and commenting on my book reviews. At least I know there are two people reading them. :) you and my mom... Catching up on all your posts and glad to see that everything is going well for you. Love ya little sis.

    1. Oh and Happy Mother's Day to you!!!