Monday, April 23, 2012

Who I am

Isn't this the truth. I want someone to love me for "who I am". Exactly. I got this cd today. lol I know - Nick Jonas - you know I am cool!


  1. Your prince charming will come riding in on his white horse and sweep you off your feet!!! I know it!!!! =)

  2. Yeppers! But this time I am gonna be super praying for God's will. One who is passionate about serving God and others! Remember Our little youth group mantra "I don't smoke and I don't chew and I don't go for guys who do!" lol that's a good one too. And my new pastor has a list of three. Loves Jesus first and has a job and I forget the last one"

  3. Plus this song is more hitting home with me about being myself. I worry so much what others think, like or don't like about me. And I want to make sure I pay attention to the example I am setting or being myself and loving me - to my kids. Not having to be something I am not. Just me / them and finding people - friends and relationships - to love us for being who we r.