Friday, April 20, 2012

Ramblings about never buying a Mercury Monterrey Van

I would just like to say - if anyone is thinking of buying a Mercury Monterrey Van... dont do it!!!!!! Curse Justin for getting me this stupid thing! But so THANKFUL for my awesome friends Rich and Joey for working with me! It is so nice to know mechanics for friends but when your car is a piece of crap it doesn't help much! NOTHING can go easy for me with it. I am so buying Honda next so I can just drive it in to Joeys work and have it out of there in an hour! Honda North baby! :)

But so thankful for all the crap Rich and Joey and whomever else gets their help on the car by the time it is done with. Shawn you up for helping tomorrow???

It needs this special tool, so we buy the special tool to get the parts off and now this part went bad and it needs this and that. URGH! ha ha ha. But PRAISING God for the guys and for Jenny and the girls who hang out with me and the crazy kidlets while the work is being done. (the true work is making the food and caring for the kids - and SOMEONE needs to play and keep the moves up to date on Draw Something! Right???)

So the checklist of things needing fixed on my van is going slower than expected. But that is ok. Chugging along I guess. At least I get to hang with Marxville instead of a stinky garage though :) See Bright sides to everything.

So I am carless tonight. Had to have a part ordered and dad picked me up. I guess that means I can pretend I am not home and everyone will leave us alone tomorrow right? ha ha. I am sure the kids will still come knocking. I love living in a place with lots of kids actually. Well except for poor Wyatt. Living here is not fun for him. He can't run with the big kids because of the parking lot. But at Marxville he rules the yard! Oh the stories I could tell about him and his girlies but those are not PG so we will leave em off my family oriented blog! But after a night of running wild he zonked out! Never woke up from the moment we left their driveway. That is unheard of for Wyatt. I already warned Alyssa if he stirs at ALL to call me! Or she might end up with him wet! Eeks! We are on top of it tonight though.

Alrighty then.... Here are a few cute pics. Took the kids to the bike trail today and actually didn't get a picture! What is wrong with me! It was so fun, bike trail and then Burger Hut 2!

Here is Aubree and little Artie the 4th... 
 The kids and I painted rocks the other day for my edge of the landscaping.
 We also spent a day this week at Moraine. I LOVE IT THERE before all the Public school kids are set loose! Thank GOD for homeschooling!!! Oh and if you see this pic large - Wyatt is in it. He is peeking out between the baseballs.
 Wyatt loves to blow "wishes"

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