Sunday, April 15, 2012

Marxville today.

About 13-14 years ago I would say - I helped my best friends Jenn and Shawn move outta their bedroom into their trailer. It was great times and exciting! Now is the start of a new move for them. Building their own house behind their trailer. Today Shawn was clearing Trees at Marxville and he let the kids help. We liked yelling TIMBER and watching Shawn pull them down. It was kinda humorous that we had a row of chairs watching him do the work. The smell of the burning fire kinda made me reminded of leaf burning days in the fall and got me excited for bonfires in the summer.

I love Marxville. I am exited to see the changes that are long over due for them. Happy for Artie and Aubs to be taking the move from the "bedroom" into the trailer that Jenny and Shawn made. I suddenly feel the urge to break out in "The circle of Life!" and hold up a lion cub. hmmm. Well pretty soon we can be holding up a new little Bowser. Jenny is 36 weeks now. Time is ticking! Induction day scheduled but if she wants to come sooner any day will work now :)

Here is Shawn and Tristan. :-) It was nice cause Shawn was having the kids help with the fire and things too. I really appreciate how Shawn coaches baseball then comes home and gets the boys chopping wood and helping with the fire. Sometimes we want to ship him away but some days like today we will keep him.
 And here is my tough guy Mr. Wyatt. Grrrr Don't you just feel the strength!
It was a really nice day today. Jenn and Shawn's son Alex, and LeAnn and Dan's daughter Abby made first communions so we had a luncheon at Highland Golf Course first. It was nice being with all my Marxville friends. Jenny and Shawn, LeAnn and Dan, Mike and Kelly, Karlee and Joey, Rich, Aubree and Artie, Big Art and Sharon, Kathy, Helen and Sarah, Greggie, Ross and Jess, Deb, etc etc. I love how well the kid play together - today was an exceptional day with no mishaps! Wyatt and his girls Addy and Lexi, Alyssa playing with Abby, Tristan and his buddies Alex and Andy.

And even more success - we came home - got baths and showers and left ALL ticks where they belong - not with us! This is a big thing for the Irwin kids! Cause they love to try to make them pets!

New week coming up. Rich is gonna put new brakes and rotors on my van. Checking off the list the things that I need to get done. Tristan has Clinic and his EKG friday. Prayers always appreciated!


  1. oh my...chopping trees and fires.....not something your mom likes to hear her grandkids involved in but soooooo glad they got home without any misshaps and ticks. I really need to get one of those tick removers soon. Remind me! Anyhow....glad you and the kids had a good day. Just thinking, didn't they change Tristan's appointment to the 29th? That's what I have on my calendar or did you move it back to the 20th? Talk to you tomorrow. I love you.

  2. Sounds like you and your kids had a great day with friends. Really like the fact that you all came home tick-free.
    Will be thinking of you and Tristan for his clinic and EKG this week.

    1. They changed the date on me but took a while for my brain to register that! Next Friday is the clinic day now.

      But on the ticks - me too! Very much me too!