Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just what I needed

What a completely beautiful day full of amazing friends and everything I love :-)

Today I expected to be completely different than it was. But sometimes things get in the way of my schedule or plans and it is there God is molding me.

Today was the last day for our spring co-op. I will love and miss all the families not joining us next year. Excited to meet the new friends.
I am also taking over for Brianna as field trip coordinator. Anyone with awesome places to go - email me!

After the end of co-op party , Dropped the kidlets off  at their dads.

My night was planned one way- but I had things changed on me. I probably should say thanks cause I had a great evening despite.

I have a paper above my light switch in my bedroom that says - the tempo of a God breathed life. (Rom 8:28) Reminding me that when things don't go as planned - He has my best interest at hand. This is a hard concept for a planner, scheduler type person I am. Unexpected changes do not work well with me. Thus why I need the reminder everyday.

So I started my night with a little pampering. Tanning :-) then hit the trails. Oh my was it good to be back out there! To run in the fresh air just makes me feel so happy to be out of the gym! No offense YMCA but you can't beat the feeling of enjoying God's Creation!

People try to fill their time with things, activities, stuff. Searching for something to fulfill their need to like who they are. Figure out something to make them feel happy.

I have truly found for me - that  being  here alone with my iPod, (and Pepper Spray for Mrs. Rowe and mom) and God's beautiful nature brings such peace. What a great time getting healthy and knocking at His door for some daddy daughter talks.

I ended my night surrounded with amazing friends. I don't need more stuff, money, activities to fill my life. I am completely blessed to be able to call my true friends up- tell them- "I need you guys tonight" and to be accepted as I am.  For all my flaws, through all the crazy times. Even when I set the two preggo girls 9 clubs hand - ha ha sorry! Sharon and I were on a Roll tonight! Karlee and Jenny didn't stand a chance. This is truly strange... But I will take it!

I might not always have it all together but that's ok. I have so much to be thankful for.

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  1. How wonderful, Linda! You're right - it isn't about money and material's about truly appreciating the "little things" that make life, well, life, and about feeling good about yourself!