Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tristan's Clinic Day and rambles.

Friday was Clinic Day down at the Hemo/Oncology Clinic at Children's Hospital. It was a longer day for Tristan and me because we also had an Echo Cardiogram scheduled to check out his irregular heartbeat.
(I want to write Murmer but just cannot figure out how that is spelled!)

I love that little boy so much. We got to see Whitney the Nurse Practitioner and she had done a Fundrazor for Cancer. I could NEVER pull of a shaved head and look so beautiful! But she does it awesome!

Tristan's counts were good. Everything looking exactly as they want to see em. Praise you Jesus!!!

And we should get the results of his Echo later I guess.

The kidlets are at their dad's for the weekend now. Chugging along.

I signed up for my fall classes at BC3. It was hard cause I wanted to sign up for fall after I started my summer load to see how I did with 6 credits. But since you have to sign up now I have no clue... so I just did another 6 credit load in the fall. Guess I will add another class in January if I think that is good.

It is kinda exciting to see more classes checked off my list. (even more exciting at they get finished!)

I also FINALLY got my name change papers! The lawyer said one week... 4 weeks later I got tired of watching the mail (I know mom said I should got tired sooner...) and called him. Guess what! It has been done and he accidentally filed it instead of mailing it to me! What a mess! So I have been in limbo with financial aid, college, car registrations etc not knowing what name to use. Not wanting to file things and then change a week later... sigh...

But that is moving along now.

Went to Marxville last night. Took my mom :-) Played cards. lol That was fun. I made mom go to the rails to trails with me first. She liked it half way... the way back is a gradual up hill.. she was not liking it then. she did 3.25 miles. Good job mom!!!

Alrighty then. those are my updates!


  1. Good news all around! Great news about Tristan and his counts and check up! That's the best news actually. Glad to hear about your classes, sounds like you will be avery busy momma, but busy in a good way! Also glad to hear about the name change. Sounds like things are falling into place for you.

  2. Great news on Tristan!!! Yay!!

    The best van is a Honda Odyssey. Those things never break down.

    And the TOS Crew is excepting applications again. Go here:

    1. Thanks! I will try. My only downfall is I dont have a lot of public followers. I have a lot of people viewing but my "followers" is low. Will hope for the best!

  3. prayers needed this way.brian got fired on monday. he wont tell what he did.something!love,marianne

    1. Prayers! Men huh? Hopefully like a few great friends of mine who got fired this year - the temporary uncomfortableness is worth what God had in store to move them where he wanted them!