Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Still sick... blah.

Well Alyssa's test went well on Monday. She managed to hang in there and not get sick till after the test. Me too. But unfortunately.... we all ended up at the doctors Monday afternoon. According to the Dr we all have a virus and allergies. So I have a PAGE to help me dish out meds. Tristan and I have our Antibiotics. All 3 kids have eye drops. All 3 kids have to take cough meds. All 4 of us got allergy meds. Tristan and I have our allergy nose spray. I am giving tyelonol to whomever has a fever or head ache at the time. I have my cholesterol meds. I swear that is all I do all day long. And listen to coughs and deal with my own feeling tired from no sleep since Thursday. Thankfully I can open the windows. Today I took down the plastic. I am sure we have another snow to deal with this year but I needed the windows open. I cleaned them and I feel all good about it. :-)

So hanging in there. Thank you all for praying we will get Alyssa's results in the mail sometime this week. Please keep the rest of us in your prayers as we really are tired of this. A week already and I am tired of sickies!!!!!!!


  1. Feel better soon! It is not nice to be so sick!

  2. Oh bummer. Sickness stinks. Really, it does! I'll be praying for you guys. And I think we should think positive about the snow. Think spring, Linda, think spring. NO MORE SNOW. :)

  3. Sorry you guys are still sick!!! Hoping for healthier days for you!!

  4. Sorry you guys are sick!! Hope Alyssa did well on her testing!