Monday, March 19, 2012

Goodbye to Patches. You were one loved Puppy!

 So tonight we had to say Goodbye to our amazing dog Patches. Patches came to live with us as a little puppy 12 years ago. I remember bringing him home in a shoe box with a crate and bowl in the car... I had gotten him from my friends and I brought him home when I was 20!!  and did not know if I was going to be allowed or not! lol... I was bummed when I got home cause my GRANDMA was there and that was almost a definite killer for asking. I snuck him in downstairs and called my parents down. It was LOVE at first site for my mom. My dad... not so much. But over the years he grew on dad (like from day one!!! when he crawled into my dads lap and there he stayed. The one who didn't want him was the one Patches attatched to!)

Then a few months later I met Justin and he broke the news to my mom that I didn't tell her right away. Patches was a Pitbull! ha ha ha. Opps. Yeah... did I forget that detail? He was half and half so the brindle did not give it away to mom at first. Too late he was already part of our family.
 He was my dog at first. I would take him with me places, he slept in my room. Then one day I went to my second home Marxville and Heidi the Golden Retriever bit him. I called my parents to come get him cause I was spending the night and Patches was hurting. They did. Halfway through that night they emergency vet-ed him and he came home in a CAST! From that day on... he was my parents dog. lol They were not so trusting with my care of him I guess.
Patches was the most loved dog there could be I would have to say. He was there when all  of us kids were moving out and getting married. I really think he helped my parents (cause you know they woulda missed us terribly being such awesome kiddos!) But seriously... he was a good dog. Not super cuddly but he never EVER bit anyone or was mean. He knew he was loved and was good with my kids. Each one I brought home to him he was better with. He did not know what to think of Alyssa at first. ha ha.

But Patches had to go to his rest tonight.  It is NEVER easy to lose a Pet who is part of your family and loved. I pray for my parents tonight and for on. And For my kiddos. And for all of us who knew we were second to Patches. You knew you were part of the family if mom accidentally called you Patches. :-)

We love you little Buddy! My first dog ever. Thanks for being so good Patchy.


  1. Awe! It's very sad to lose a pet. He had a great life though!

  2. It sounds like he was well loved and had a great life. So sorry to hear about your pet.


  4. me too.i didnt know an animal lover.i ,marianne.see ya soon.

  5. Well said, Linda! Sorry for your loss. God bless you and your whole family!

  6. vickie Flinn-RoweMarch 21, 2012 at 8:39 AM

    Hi honey thank you for sharing the story! I remembered this whole thing! Patches was a good family member. And because of Patches your mom knew what unconditonal love from one of God's creatures was like! I kept telling her all those years before and she finally got to see. I hope down the road a new puppy or older dog can fill the void. Not take Patches place but fill the void in the heart!

  7. This was really nice, Linda! Thanks for writing it. I know mom and dad appreciate it a lot. He was a good little fella! I miss him too.