Monday, March 26, 2012

A lot of updates. Divorce Filed, Name Changed, and What We Did This Week.

Well it has been quite a BUSY week since I updated last. Thank you all for the comments and calls, texts and cards for caring about my family and the loss of our puppy. It really does mean the world. Mom said tonight Alyssa found dog hair in her house and sat in the corner holding it crying. Awww Made me ache for her. Patches was around before she was born.

Anyways... This week I have accomplished a few things.  First I have applied and am getting signed back up to take a few college courses. Please pray the financial aid comes through. I had to file with Justin and my tax return from 2010 and I hope they call me in to discuss things or I will never get any help. I checked separated in the box so hopefully they will take note. But if God wants me to go - He will make a way. Isn't God awesome?

Second my car - totally on the fritz. Thanks to some AWESOME friends at Marxville - who helped me out with changing the plugs and wires. Rich got me a list of things I have to fix now. One step at a time. That is how things are going this week. Got my oil changed. Check. Need to figure out why the check engine light still was coming on Sunday. Need new rotors, a new flex pipe on my muffler (I think that is what it is called) and my stabalizer bar or something or other is broke. Get this all fixed and I should be good to go for a while. :) I like my van. It doesnt have a ton of miles so I will fix what is wrong and keep going with it.

Today I went to the lawyer and Justin and I filed for divorce. We signed papers and back in the mail they go tomorrow. So as soon as the lawyer gets them back - 90 day count down till that is done.

I also changed my name back today. You can do it BEFORE you get the divorce final but it has to be in the process. So that is filed and in a week I should have my official papers. So Linda Palma Noullet it is again. Very strange feeling over this. I prayed. I pondered. It was a tough decision for me to make. But finally I decided to do it. No turning back now. My years of easy times of saying Irwin with an I, are over. I think I shall marry a Smith or Miller next time. Something super simple! ha ha. Ok so all available men who have complicated names - sorry no luck for you.

My Aunt Marianne is visiting us this week from Philly. It has been really nice seeing her. She came and walked with me Friday, saw my house, we hung out all evening. She is really cool. We are a lot alike. I really have a great family. I am blessed. Tonight was when we all got together and wished her a happy birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! wooo hoo. Here I am with her.
My kids had a field trip for homeschoolers to Playthings Etc this week. Yes going to a toy store IS school!!! It was so fun and interesting.

Swimming Lessons for everyone are going well.
Dad and Mom snagged me some patio blocks so now I can sit out back without sinking into the dirt/mud this spring. Thank you awesome parents!
Alyssa had a teddy bear Karate workshop with her best friend Nicole. Tamara made matching uniforms for their teddy bears. So cute!

Here is Mr Wyatt and Me at Co-op Last week working on Puzzles.
The week was full! The kids and I worked on decorating some cakes and cupcakes... 
 We did a lot of puddle jumping...
 Alyssa and I have been practicing our guitars... She is so cool people. Trust me they say this is cool... I don't know but I just go with it.
 And we had some patrolling the parking lot with guns and Wobbly Carts. It's safe.
I am sure I packed a lot more into this week but I am also sure I am loosing your attention if you read this far into my ramble. You get a cookie! Hey I did bake those too this week but sorry - took them to my Grandmas and there are NONE left!

Keep me in your prayers as I have a LOT of changes going on this month... and prayers are always good. I love you all! Thanks! Night!


  1. Glad that you updated!!! I was wondering how things were going. Prayers coming your way =)

  2. So sorry about the dog. And the car. Yay on everything else.

    I'm cracking up at your safe parking lot. lol

  3. Your parents love you 'Linda Palma Noullet' and we love those kids of yours. I also like the picture of Wyatt in his helmet and boots. Safety first, I always say :o)