Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saxonburg Firehouse Field Trip

It's FIELD TRIP SEASON!!! I love the Spring. It is like we are ready to wind down our school year so let the field trips begin! Last Tuesday we took a trip to Playthings Etc with Harvest Homeschoolers and learned the science behind some of the toys we play with. Very fun. This week we joined the Butler Homeschoolers for a Fire Safety field trip to the Saxonburg Fire Department. It was very very fun!
Unlike two years ago when we went to Butler's Station, the Saxonburg guys let us really get involved. We got to spray water and go up 95 feet in their bucket truck! How awesome is that!!! Alyssa went up first of my crew. Tristan was unsure. The second trip Wyatt and I got to go. Tristan still unsure. Last trip Alyssa went again and Tristan decided he wanted to but not that high. Too bad buddy the last time they were going 95 feet up all the way! He missed his chance. Poor little guy was just too afraid of heights. 
I am really glad we went! Now Alyssa (Tristan still unsure) wants to be a firefighter when she is old enough. If we are still homeschooling I so want to be like the Duggars and have my kids join the jr force at 14. I would be soooo proud!

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