Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ramble Rambe I need to go to bed I know...

What a crazy weekend. Thursday Tristan got sick. Fever, Cough, Headache. Friday Still sick. Saturday Wyatt got sick. We did NOT go to church this morning. I was all set (even texted my friends to remind everyone switch your clocks) and lo and behold Wyatt had Alyssa and I up all night with his little boy delirious fever. "Alyssa - Why is the wall black when it was white when we went to bed?" Good question Wyatt but you are a little too young to realize that the light reflector cones in your eyes that sense color don't see in the dark. That was one of our science discussions. Take a few colors of crayons into a dim room and see if you can tell what color they are. They all look shades of grayish. Anyways... hot fever boy coughing up a storm just wanted Alyssa. Go figure! Most kids want their moms. Nope. Wyatt wants Alyssa.

Which normally would be perfect. But TOMORROW IS OUR TEST DAY! ::::::EEEK:::: Alyssa CANNOT get sick! I had to force Wyatt to sleep with Tristan and let Alyssa sleep in her own room tonight. There is no way she can test for a few hours tomorrow if she does not sleep. It is not even fair. As it was - she was zonked out by 10am this morning because Wyatt had her up from 3-4:30 last night. Tristan is still not feeling better. He isn't running a fever but he is coughing and headachy. Not eating well.. I hope this is our last sick stuff for a while. I can dream right? 3 kids someone is ALWAYS sick. blah.

So we have to be at Harvest at 9am for test day. Alyssa is a nervous wreck. I am not - I know - one she will do fine because she is a smart girl. And two - if she does bad I will just know what areas we need to work harder on. But Alyssa ALWAYS has heard the word "test" and something freaks in her brain.

But the weather today - OMGoodness it was AMAZING! Made me in the mood to clean things out. So Alyssa and I went through our clothes and closets. Cleaned, Cut Back and Organized. 6 bags gone. One basket sitting to go to "Dads House". Good deal. Then the kids played outside. I opened windows to try to air out the house. Alyssa and I do NOT want to catch the boys germs. So it was nice to clean and open windows. I did not take the plastic off the downstairs ones that have it though. Knowing PA Winter we have to have another snow coming. But... my tulips are coming up! I can't wait to see them. First time planting bulbs for me - Guess I did it right :) Go me. I got the Queen of Nights so black ones! Something different.

Still plugging along on my guitar and still loving it. My fingers are officially calloused and I have no pain with playing. Nice Numb no feeling hard patches. lol... I feel so official just with that! I am expanding my knowledge. I now know Am, Em, A, E, D, B, C, F and G chords. I know 3 notes on the first string, second and 2 on the third. I have finger stretching exercises to practice and working on my strum patterns. The only thing I realized today is I am not going to be able to open my window and enjoy the fresh air while I practice... booo... Well maybe if I was better... but for now - close the window so I don't sound goofy to the neighborhood. lol

Very encouraging though - Tristan said to our friend Nicole "My mom plays the guitar - she is really good!" Now... not sure how true that is but he said it so proud and it made me feel really good. :) :) :)

Homeschool is winding down for the year. Only a few more weeks to go. Field trip season is coming up in full swing. We have a trip a week it seems for a bit. Toy Store Science, Fire House, Ft Ligoneer and more to come! I love field trip times! Makes school so much more awesome!

I need to schedule a roller skating day before that is over for the summer. Note to self. Anyone going to homeschool days at Skate Castle that has a time and date for me? I know someone mentioned it. 


  1. Yuck. Spring sicknesses are sometimes the worst. If you get this before you leave, tell Alyssa I'll pray for her tests this morning.

  2. Oh no! Hope everybody feels better really soon! Well done on your guitar playing. Wish I could play. Good luck with the test! :-)

  3. Got my Amazing Science and Amazing Animals! Looks good! Will need to write up a review soon! :)

  4. Here's hoping by now everyone is feeling much better.
    Also hoping that Alyssa's test went well for her.