Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PuzzleGlobe - a New Leaf Press Review

So today we are reviewing a PuzzleGlobe from New Leaf Press. When I first got it, my thoughts were - man... this is not what I asked to review. If I did - it was an accident. I thought - this small little box. This is going to be something we do not enjoy. But the kids eagerly asked to put it together. I thought - sigh... I don't want to help them with this right now. I can see the situation. They want to do it, they can't, I end up finishing it. But it was too late, they had laid eyes on it and were off. 

I have to say - this was my biggest surprise! Since yesterday this little ball has been put together and taken apart and put back together 4 times! Alyssa twice and Tristan twice. My 9 and 6 year old LOVE IT!

This is a small globe that has the words “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Gen. 1:1” It comes with a little stand and it looks very nice. The pieces are sturdy plastic. They are all numbered and have arrows. Alyssa said that at first she had a rough time with it. Then she noticed the directions. And realized to put it together in a spiral. Once she got that she said it was a breeze. 

It gets kinda tricky with the last few pieces but with a little concentration, a pen to get in the small spaces and help push the pieces a little - it is most definitely do-able. 

We received this puzzle free for review from NewLeaf Press and were not required to give a positive review. Thank you NewLeaf! 


  1. you're getting some really cool things to review. How do I become a New Leaf Press reviewer?! LOL

  2. I totally don't see it! LOL I looked and looked...and had Jake look - nothing!

    1. I sent you a link via email let me know if you DONT get it so I can try to resend it.

  3. Looks fun! I've often wondered about how difficult those puzzle balls would be to put together.

  4. You know what jessy they are the one I don't have a button for. I will link you at home tonight