Thursday, February 9, 2012

I smashed my pinky finger today,...

So one of the countless times my boys were climbing on my chest freezer in the laundry room Tristan knocked my nail polish behind it. (don't ask why I had set it there to begin with)Sigh... ok, I will move it and SMASH... my little pinky got stuck between the wall and the freezer as I was wiggling it out of the small space it is crammed into.

I still remember the look on the Maintenance Man's face the first time he looked into my Laundry/Freezer/Heater/Hot water tank spot. Yes I did have my dad fold the shelves up against the wall to fit in my stackable washer/dryer and freezer! You think I am insane and gonna leave them behind? He was not impressed trying to squeeze back to work on the air conditioning. Ah well. At least HE didn't smash his pinky! This was at like 9:30 in the morning people... It is STILL throbbing tonight.

One of those days. Actually it wasn't too bad. We got a nice day of homeschool in early and were finished by lunch. I played wii for a few hours! ha ha! I am obsessed with a Final Fantasy Game Chocobo's Dungeon. I love story games. I get a little addicted until I beat them. The kids were at their dad's last weekend and I played for HOURS! Yes, I did laundry inbetween levels so I was getting my chores done but I swear I made lunch and dinner around the wii. Sometimes I just find something and get a little carried away. Oh well... once I finish the game I will be good and probably not play the wii for a few months.  But right now... obsessed!

I did make a nice dinner while playing the wii... Put a roast in the crockpot with French onion soup, made some frozen buns to dip in it and made spinach balls. Got a neighborhood girl off the school bus for my awesome friend who needed me to help her out, and got my kids all to gymnastics and home.

Successful day I should say :)

But my pinky finger... it still hurts. I wish the wii was in my bedroom... I would be playing it now... Probably a good thing it isn't.

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