Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh how good my kids make me feel.... SOMETIMES!

There are some days when my kids make me feel on top of the world.

And there are days like today when they make me feel like CRUD. lol
So I curled my hair this morning. I have had a mini curling iron since I have been 16 or so. I love it. It is fun. Always have. So this morning, Wyatt was zonked out sleeping. The snow has us inside for the day, I thought - I am gonna curl my hair.

I come downstairs and Alyssa's words are - MOM Why did you do that to your hair??!!

Thanks Alyssa.. thanks so much. sigh. lol oh well. I like it so phooey on her.

This from a girl who poses like THIS for a picture she knows I will ultimately put on my blog. :)


  1. hahahhaha, kids are so funny! I LOVE your hair, the curls are adorable! :) I haven't curled my hair in a long time either. Very long time. I'm afraid it would split and all fall off if I did, LOL.

    Stay warm and have a fun weekend! :)

  2. Hmmm I coulda sworn I responded to this earlier. Anyways. What I said is I normally flat iron my hair so this curling iron from 1996 is not even close to that hot. So no worries for me there.

  3. Well, I think you look beautiful! And not just cause I am your mother, either :o) Then again....I think Lyss looks beautiful in her green hat and orange braids too :o) Seriously, I like the curls for a change.

  4. I think you look beautiful-curly or straight-it all looks good. Have a wonderful day! jan (hartzell)

  5. Kids are so funny. Isn't it nice, she love you just the way you are. You look great.