Saturday, February 11, 2012

World of Animals and World of Science - A New Leaf Press Review

I am  joining these two reviews because they are so similar and I reviewed them both at the same time.

The first thing I noticed about these books is the beautiful covers.
Then I opened them up and was in love with the beautiful pictures inside. These books are eye appealing that is for sure.

They are also recently up to date so the information is fresh and with the times.

Being a family of Creationists we are excited to find such treasures of good science curriculum that points the way to our Creator. It is so frustrating to go through books and cringe at the Theory of Evolution infested in Children's books everywhere. It is refreshing to know that my reading aged children are good to read the books even if I am not around to explain what is fact and what is theory. And it is a good thing with these two textbooks because these are definitely ones that they are peeking ahead in.

This year the books I chose for science have been very light. I am excited to use these in our homeschool soon as they are chalked full of information. And not just surface fluff. I would say these books are geared more towards 3rd grade through high school but the younger kids  will most certainly enjoy them also.

As I  mentioned on my Amazon Reviews, I often find science books to be like the Candy at the Cash Registers in the Supermarket. They sprinkle experiments in the books that call to every fiber of my children's curiosity. But as a busy mom of 3, sometimes... I admit - I just don't have time for them. And the disappointment on my kids faces as I skip the experiments are hard. What I LOVE about the set up of World of Science is that there are PLENTY of experiments. If you are a lover of all things science and have a homeschool that is ready for hands on projects galore - it is here for you. BUT... it is in the BACK of the book! I love that! So I can calmly read through the lessons without the temptation of the "candy". But if I have time or the materials to do it that day - I can flip to the back and get started. But no "Awww" Or "Please please please" from the kids if I don't.

I really like that! I would recommend each of these books to anyone Homeschoolers or just to own for reference. They are great books and intriguing books. Ones that won't be given away when we are done with using them because they are just too good and we will go back to them over and over I am sure.

Thank you New Leaf for the chance to review such great products from Master Books!


  1. I saw those! But I can't figure out how to sign up for reviews! LOL I keep getting a PRICE and HOW TO PURCHASE!

    1. Once the kidlets are outta the bath I will link you to the form. You have to request te books (up to three products) on this one form each time. They are the tricky company.

  2. I found it! LOL I requested those 2 books. I should look for a 3rd, huh? LOL