Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Playing with Friends, Skype Guitar Lessons and Wyatt bed update

We have been busy playing this week. The public school kids had off on Monday and that meant extra visitors to our home. It has also been box week here for me! All the new exciting goodies for next school year have been arriving. So of course we have to try some of the items out.
One thing I have always wanted to purchase was those marble run building sets. Well I did this year. It is a HUGE hit! The kids have not stopped creating! The neighborhood kids love it too!

Then the girls wanted to bake and decorate cakes (they love the Next Great Baker and Cake Boss). And of course when the smell of cake baking comes out the back door, the boys noses will follow the scent... and they too wanted to decorate. 

Tonight we went to Marxville to visit our awesome friends. Wyatt and his little friend Addyson were just obsessed with games on our iphones and hmmm forget what Jenn's new "toy" is called. It starts with an N... and is like an ipad... oh well. The kids were cracking us up so into their touch screens. 

So then... update on the guitar... This morning my little brother told me to set up Skype so next week we can actually have some lessons "together". I am super excited!!!! Technology is really amazing. I got that all set up. I am just waiting on my webcam/mic to come from Amazon now cause my laptop didn't have one. Yes I know that my iphone works but I need a tad bigger screen to see him and his fingers and instructions. So want it on my laptop. We did however trail run a call this morning. EEK I was still in bed! ha ha Oh well. Brothers can be scared like that every once in a while. Reminded him why he stopped coming into my bedroom in the mornings a LOOOONG time ago. :) :) :) At least there is no morning breath over the skype right? You gotta love my blogging topics people. You know you do!

And update on Wyatt... he has been in his own bed since we bought it! Now mind you he is sleeping with Alyssa or Tristan each night but hey - getting used to that being his "room" instead of my room as his - is a big step. He has never slept in a room away from me except weekends at his dad's.
Friday is going to be my challenge as his brother and sister both have sleepovers scheduled. What to do. What to do. Let him come back into my bed for a night or try a first night ... alone. I DOUBT that will work... Never has he slept alone in his entire life... I REALLY don't want to sleep in a little kids bed mattress on the floor though. Maybe one of the other kids will not want to go to their sleepovers... I can dream right? ha ha.

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