Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crazy Adventure - Learning to Play the Guitar - Gotta start somewhere...

So I got this yearning... desire... whim... crazy idea - that I want to learn the acoustic guitar. I have felt like doing it for a while - but well... it's just a crazy idea. I play the flute but I never get the desire to pick up the flute and play myself a tune. lol

This weekend my little brother - who learned to play guitar in college, along with drums, keyboard and the alto sax - how is that for the boy who never took music lessons in grade school because he couldn't stay focused long enough to care. Anyways... my little brother helped me pick out a guitar online that was a nice beginners guitar in my price range.

Added it to my amazon cart (found it elsewhere on a music site but amazon had it same price and I am more comfortable ordering from there so why not right?) along with a stand, strap, some picks, and a how to play guitar book/dvd. Chris says the best thing is to play play play and bug, find and hound all your friends who play guitar to bring theirs over and play with you. To just make everyone you know who plays show you something each time you see them. And spread the wealth so you don't wear thin one of your friends for free music lessons.
 ***But if ANYONE is offering.... I won't turn you down!***

So anyways - my daughter has a smaller acoustic she got for Christmas a few years ago - It is not a toy but not a full size. She has been learning a little from her dad but she is one of those kids who wants to jump right in everything and know how to do it. Rock out from day one. She rolls her eyes at basics and thinks she is beyond beginner. So she has got about as far as learning 3 cords in two years... But today my guitar came. She wants to teach me. :) Hey - person #1. Alyssa can show me what she does know. Ok. As soon as those picks come... Go FIGURE I threw out my bread ties just yesterday (in a jam they have worked for Alyssa) And her last pick broke!

So I have a pretty new guitar - wanna see??? Of course you do!

So until the rest of my accessories come I am reading as much as I can online. Slowly. Chris says patience is the key. Beginner Guitar

Right now Chris is thanking GOD that he lives in Maryland or he would have Alyssa and I over at his house nightly. Lauren is too cause she can teach keyboard! What a waste of family talent... Phooey on them!

Anyways - I will keep you posted on how I do. Maybe in a year or so I can post a video of my progress. You never know :)


  1. I have a guitar, too! I started to learn to play it several years ago, but never picked it back up. Good luck! :) I would like, too, though.

    1. Emily - we should so start a band!!!! Ha ha ha. Jk. How were you learning? Lessons or teaching yourself?

  2. Good on you! I also want to learn. My friend Paul taught himself about 12 years ago and he writes his own songs. Go search for Paulforstermusic on YouTube. Also the one on my blog with Bianca's leukemia journey, he wrote the song and is playing / singing.

  3. Linda. I will be a back up dancer. :)

  4. Good for you!!! I have an electric guitar that I thought I would learn and haven't. And I have a keyboard that I need to play. Good luck on your new adventure!