Sunday, February 19, 2012

My niece Adelyn Grace turns 1

I had the honor of going down to my niece Adelyn Grace's first birthday party in Maryland this weekend! I was in heaven helping my sister in law and brother get ready for her birthday party. Alyssa was too. It was so nice to be able to help and do something for her since being a far away aunt is not always fun.

I so love this little girl.

It was GREAT to see friends and family and enjoy a really fun open house party with them.  Ate way too much but have to say - it was worth every bit.

Here are a few pictures to share - then I am off to bed! Drove down yesterday (well dad did) and back today. Gotta rest for church in the a.m.

I cannot believe she is one already. A year ago she was so little and fighting for life in John Hopkins Hospital. Thank you Jesus for our little blessing! We wish you many more amazing years and I cannot wait to see the little girl you become! Just wait - soon your big cousins will be teaching you all the crazy ways of our family! KISSSSSSSES DOLL BABY!


  1. Awe! She's the sweetest lil girl! And that red hair - beautiful! Happy birthday!

  2. So glad you were able to come down and celebrate with us!!!! You will never know how much we appreciated all of your help and Alyssa's too! Lauren and I would have been up until 3am skewering all of those fruits if you guys weren't there!! We love you so much and Addy was so pumped that you guys came too! She hasn't stopped talking about it since you left! Well, we can't understand anything that she's saying, but it's our best guess :)

  3. Happy 1st Birthdy to a sweet little girl. She is so cute and I love that hair too! Beautiful red hair! We have to pay to get color like that !!

  4. Glad you got to go celebrate!!! She is a sweet heart! LOVE the pebbles hair =)

  5. Dad & I had such fun this weekend too. We love all the great pictures you got! We love you!