Thursday, February 16, 2012

Need all the Prayers I can get for this one :) (updated)

So we have a new adventure.... Got Wyatt a mattress for under Tristan's loft bed tonight.
He has slept with me since birth. My nights are getting rough with his cramping my bed. He is just like his older brother - a tossing and turning crazy bedmate.


Wish me luck. Say some prayers and hope for the best. I am not expecting miracles. He has come to visit me 3 times already since I tried to put him in bed (Tristan is sleeping with him like he does at his daddy's house).

Problem number one - new bed and he just isn't tired...

So.... here's to praying this is a fairly painless process.


Morning update: after the last time he came to my bed I said - ENOUGH you are staying here. And after a min he started to bawl. I said what is wrong. He sobbed - you wont let me go to my new bed. So I sent him back saying this was it! no more coming to me. And he slept through the night and woke up happy in the morning! Success! I think the coming to and from my bed for a second here and there was just he was not tired.

They are going to their dad's this weekend so lets see how he does Sunday night... keep praying.

On the other hand... I missed my little snuggle bug in bed. He isn't there often when at his dad's but knowing he was a big boy in his own room... that was hard!

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