Friday, February 24, 2012

Guitar Lesson Day 1 **** Edited for Day 2****

So today my House of Rock DVD came and Alyssa and I sat down to start some "Lessons".
Wearing our kinda matching Dr. Pepper Shirts - I LOVE that she still wants to be like me! I put mine on and she dug hers out of the laundry basket (clean just not put away yet) to wear it today.
So what we learned today was first the parts of our guitars. 

Then we tuned our guitars (well the best we could - this I need a lot of work on)
And learned how to read Chord Charts. Name of the chord up top, 6 strings, at the bottom tells O for open meaning you don't put fingers on these strings, X for don't strum them at all - just skip those strings. The other numbers are the numbers of your fingers. I wrote the numbers on my fingers for practice to remember. Made it easier :)

Then we practiced and practiced. And our fingers looked like this - 
I guess my fingers will "callous" - goody... later. ha ha. They didn't hurt. just indented. 
So I stopped there. The guy said - practice those two chords cause we are going to use them a lot in the next lesson. So I am :) 
It was fun. I am still waiting on my picks but Alyssa and I cut up used Getgo cards and it works for now.

So that is where I am :-) And I also wanted to show you guys a pic of my mom and I from the ladies night at Harvest. It was such a fun night! It's a picture of a picture so not the best but it is on my fridge.

********************Day 2********************

Ok, so Today - Today my fingers are numb! I practiced my 2 chords over and over cause I went to watch the next lesson and he has us doing a strum pattern of the two chords with drums keeping beat... yeah, I am good going from A minor to E Minor but switching back to A Minor I loose my fingering. So I know what I have to work towards and am not there yet. So I am just practicing back and forth those two chords. I did it periodically all day today - a little here and there... and tonight - my fingers are NUMB and vibrating! I guess I will need them to callous after all. Although I kinda like my soft hands... ah what to do, what to do. Price you gotta pay right? lol

Today I also practiced learning the string names. E/A/D/G/B/E "Eat Alot Daily, Get Big Easy" That is the little catchy phrase thing I found on the internet that I liked the best. There was another one that is sticking in my head more that I found online but I don't "like" it. But go figure it is the one I actually remember. There are some crazy ones out there! 

Oh and my picks came! No more GetGo cards! Yay! Talking to the Guitar Store Guy and my brother Chris, I found out that the thickest picks are for bass guitars, thick is ok, medium is kinda best for acoustic players and thin is good for Alyssa! Chris says he uses thin when playing in his house cause it is not as loud and that is exactly what she needs. My neighbors are glad I got pink thins for her as well as Mediums.

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  1. I am so proud of you and Alyssa for working so hard at learning the guitar! I know a duet is in your future :o)