Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why is Wyatt so Wild?? and just pics of our other activites.

I just want to share how bad my son Wyatt is. Oh yes I know it. Some parents have this view of their kids that they can do no wrong. They are blinded by the cute faces and innocent smiles. As I write this I am being jumped on and he laughs as he tries to hurt me.

I try to be the typical homeschool family. The one where the children are well behaved. And never is there any gross talking. Oh but Wyatt... he loves to say "fart" "butt" "wiener" "pee" and anything else that he can to make me say "STOP THAT!" And he laughs as he "Puts booger on you!"

But Wyatt is smart. This child knows how to play people and get what he wants. And with his little face he can get Private Swim Lessons and do whatever he wants in Sunday School. Oh he will get used to it you might say... no. Not the case. He just learns how to manipulate! He has been in Sunday School since birth people! Ok so today was only the second Swim class but he is so bad! ha ha. And then he will tell me "I had fun" but add in telling me who he didn't like. :eyeroll: Oye...

So I wanted to show you some pictures... (anyone surprised?) Ok... so this is Wyatt in his swimming class... what do we all notice? He got himself a private lesson! See his class behind him??? And see Wyatt getting all the attention? Oye... (week one)
And then again... who is a million miles away from his class??? Wyatt! And his personal teacher (this is week 2)

Not just swimming... check out this picture his sunday school teachers sent me... here is a beautiful class having a great time smiling and enjoying church... oh wait... zoom in... who's that off on their own doing a puzzle??? WYATT! What a snot! (he's back on the floor by the tv)
Don't let this sweet face fool you... He is smiling BEFORE I try to make him get in the pool.... 

Oh but when we hide in the little viewing room - we catch him smiling. Although today I saw him say like 20 times "I want mom" it is worse days after he went to his dads. 


Our weeks are becoming pretty busy. We have all three kids in Swimming. Here is Tristan doing a dive last week. 

 All the classes are at different times this session so while Alyssa swims, I work on school work with Tristan.

And the same thing - when Tristan swims, Alyssa does her homeschool.


The kids went to the museum with their dad on Sunday and he sent me these two pictures. (Field trip!) 

 Another new thing we have been enjoying at the YMCA is the rock climbing wall. The kids are thrilled to get to enjoy this activity. Here is Alyssa...
 And Tristan.
 And I have both older kids in Gymnastics again. Alyssa is doing great and so is Tristan. We are so blessed to be able to have a Y membership. Here is Alyssa with Ms Natalie. We love Natalie. We went to church with her at CLC in Butler when we went there. So she has known my kids since Tristan was BORN! So neat to have her as their gymnastic teacher!


  1. What a stunning photo of you! Kids are very clever. Caitlyn is an absolute nightmare during her swimming lessons.

    1. Thank you. How is life going? Do you still have to take Bianca to the doctors for regular checks? Or not as much? We are down to every three months now. Oncologist told us today when we hit the three YEAR mark we will go down to every six months. I cannot imagine! But so looking forward to spacing out trips.

  2. Wyatt sounds so much like Joshua! Everywhere we go, Joshua ends up being the one who gets the 1-on-1 attention. He's also the one who's always in the corner spinning around doing his own thing while everyone else is doing something else together. He is my strong-willed, very busy child. :) Gotta love him!

    1. Briefly saw Kevin at the YMCA the other night. I practically live there anymore. lol at Joshua.