Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to my mom and Funeral to her Brother

Well today was another hard day for my family. Today we buried my moms older brother John Rudosky and what a tribute it was. If you came to the afternoon viewing at the funeral home you were waiting 30 plus mins in line to see us.  The FOP gave a beautiful ceremony. (Thank you all) I heard over and over the stories of how my  uncle touched peoples lives. Funny how much I did not know about him - he was out changing the world~! Now... unfortunately for the political world - he was out supporting the Democrats! ha ha ha. No stones - if you were at his funeral or the funeral home you know it was no secret the fun jabbing... sometimes heated arguments over politics and religion my uncle loved. The taboo subjects - not for him! But after all - as one friend said - he would fight and fight then wink and say so where we eating lunch! And that is why I love to live in America! Because I can tell him he is a crazy Democrat and he can tell me he never met a good Republican and we can laugh and love life and make a difference!

Sometimes I might grumble a little when having to go to a good Catholic Funeral (or wedding) because they are known for being long and I am sorry - Uncle John LOVED the incense - the more the better! But I do not! ha ha. But I was SHOCKED today. I ENJOYED the funeral service very much! The personal stories that showed me just how much the priest loved Uncle John had us all laughing! He REALLY knew him! I really think Uncle John would have been pleased.
The most touching part of today was at the grave site. After the little service there was a moment where I was not sure what was going on. Then over the police scanners was a "Last call for John Rudosky"  I don't think there was  a dry eye. What a special thing. ...

But another important event happened today and that was John's sisters birthday. My Mom. Oh Mom... I love you. What a way to spend your birthday. We left the celebrating birthdays to another day. We will have the kids do cards and presents  next week (or tomorrow - let me know! lol) But I wanted to make sure I did not let the day pass without a tribute for you. I love you mom.

Not only are you my mom, but you are a best friend. You are always there for me. You are who I call to talk about my kidlets, my life, my problems. You are there to walk the mall, take me shopping, or help me out in every an all things.

You are the best Grandma in the world! Not only does she watch my kids - but it is no wonder why my mom gets tired after having them over - she is down on the floor PLAYING! Be it lining up the cars, building the legos, putting puzzles together or the kids all time favorite with her "Coloring Contests". They love to try to color so I don't know who did which page and see if they can win against Grandma. It was easy at first but the older Alyssa gets she learned my moms coloring techniques and can trick me.

I am forever blessed with a super awesome mom. And I will bless you by NOT sharing all our funny family secrets with this post! How is that for a present? Now... tomorrow... I might tell you about what mom would offer if I was thirsty in the car... or what body part she could make go through a wall... but not today. Today I will leave her be! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I LOVE YOU!


  1. Linda,
    Even though the occasion was sad, the love the family feels with each other knows no boundaries. I love you.

  2. Happy Birthday Cathy!!! You really are a special lady =)

  3. Thanks Carrie!
    And you even know how much your mother loves you????? With all my heart!!!!