Thursday, January 5, 2012

A little strange feeling... but a birthday tribute to my dad.

I have been planning all week to do a nice tribute to my dad tomorrow for his birthday.
And tonight my Uncle passed away.

This is all so close to when my meama went home to be with Jesus. I remember it was a few days before my birthday (January 14th) that she passed. (Jan 17th) I spent my birthday at her funeral home and (January 19th) my younger brothers birthday was spent at her funeral... And I will never forget the dates.

Now my uncle has passed and my dads birthday is tomorrow. It looks like the funeral will take place on my moms birthday on Monday... Just strange because the turn of events. When you think "birthday" you do not think funeral...

I know - what is so strange about it? Who knows. The whole process of funerals and such is ... wrong. It is just never right to bury a loved one.

But on the other hand - it makes you think about things a little more... and you want to make sure that you do tell those who are here how much you love them every min you get a chance. (isn't this the thing everyone feels at these times)

Well tomorrow is my daddy's birthday. And I know that the day will pass in the busyness (add the funeral to this my dad is doing a wedding and a baby dedication this weekend - he is a pastor How ironic - a Wedding, Baby and Funeral all in the same same weekend...) and I want to take time to share how amazing a dad I have.

There really is no greater example of a loving father, grandfather and husband than my dad. I was raised with the best of examples of a good man there ever could be. I pray my own boys will be just like their grandpa when they grow up. I tell them that when I pray with them. And Alyssa is already praying for a man to marry just like him.

I am the most blessed daughter in the world. I am so thankful for him.

 A few examples of dad... we grew up on a great 36 acre land that had woods, a ball field, corn fields... Dad was always taking us for walks in the woods (he would clear paths and rake leaves to make it nice for us to walk!), playing baseball (I will forgive you dad for LINE DRIVING ME IN THE FACE!!! knocking my jaw completely out of wack and giving me the most AWFUL clicking jaw to this day!!!)
Dad would put on a fall festival (and mom) for our church each year and set up the most amazing obsticle courses and games. Having a winter birthday - and one a day away from my brother Chris - dad always made our birthday's special with the best home made parties! He is very artistic and he always had great parties for us. He was always at our games, events and more. He was my youth leader growing up. He would play football, golf, bike with us...

And now he is the best grandpa. He takes my kids to skate castle, goes to their sporting events, takes them to church things, throws fall festivals, jumps on the trampoline (the one he gave up his amazing garden so he could have the level ground to put a trampoline for my kids), takes them to water parks, etc etc.

He is the dad who buys me salt and brings me a shovel and a bucket of salt to be ready for the ice. Who plastics my windows, makes sure my car has windshield washer fluid, puts air in my tires and more. (by the way dad... gotta check my fluid just to be safe - it still squirts but it could be getting low!)

And we love him so much. Not just for what he "does" for us. Oh ask mom about when dad had his open heart - or when he had his retina repaired... oh we can laugh now at him sitting perfectly still with dark masks on listening to audio books... Poor dad... poor dad...
But he is a sweet, loving man. Slow to anger like the bible says. Only when mom would say "STEPHEN... .DO SOMETHING" did he rise up and we ran! ahhhhh

But he was her support. The final authority! And a great dad. Happy Birthday Dad. I love you so much!


  1. Hey, Linda, Stef said you asked about me on her blog, so I went looking on her blog and found and read your comment. You didn't block me! :) I have your blog in my google reader, but I rarely read ANY of the blogs in my google reader anymore.

    So sorry to hear about your uncle.

    I'm glad you have such an amazing dad to celebrate!

  2. I blocked a Heather because i had a big problem with a Heather but once I did it - I thought... hmmm hope i didnt block you or my friend heather smail! lol... I just jumped to blocking "heather"

    Good to see you! I dont get to my reader much but I jump from blog to blog of the ones who are friends with each other. usually stefs, jessys, kyms... Ahhh I MISS WORLD CROSSING!!!

  3. And funny thing is all three of you were Heather "S"

  4. You know I am sitting here crying.....we love you and your kids so much! And you are right- you are blessed with the BEST DAD and GRANDPA. This is the first year that there will be no pictures hung up in the kitchen for either of us because there is really no celebration in us. This is Uncle John's time......and he will be missed!!!!!

  5. I almost had the kids put some up last night but it seemed the wrong time. I
    Also was planning to make the roast for you and have u over Monday but we will pick another day. Tristan has clinic Friday. Maybe I can crock pot it and have you over if u don't have home group. We will talk. Cause they don't understand and just know it is your birthdays. Wait... That is girls group... Oh we will find a day.

  6. So sorry to hear about the death of your Uncle. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    What a nice tribute to your Dad. He sounds like a very special man
    Sad times and happy times. That is a true picture of life. Hoping for more happy than sad times for you.
    Thinking of you and your family.

  7. Happy Birthday Pastor Steve!!! I agree with Linda- you are a great example to the young men around you! I've enjoyed being a part of your family!!!! Miss you all!