Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Uncle John (Revised...)

Hey Guys, I would LOVE some prayers tonight and tomorrow for my Uncle John. My mothers older brother. He had a heart attack and passed out today and is now in ICU in Pittsburgh. They have lowered his body temp to as low as they can to help avoid brain damage. They said the next 24 hours are critical. My cousin Andrew said they did CPR twice on him today and that is not good.

I know God can do anything and I am praying for him to pull through this. I also know how scary this time is. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was in the ICU with my own dad and he had tons of stuff hooked up to him. I remember the night they called my mom back into the hospital. But God pulled him through and I am forever thankful for that gift.
Now my uncle is in need of a healing touch. My Aunt and three cousins are in need of comfort and peace.

Thank you in advance for praying with us.


My uncle went home to be with the Lord tonight. Please keep his family in your prayers as this was very very unexpected.


  1. Praying for your uncle John and your family!

  2. Sending lots of prayers and thoughts!

  3. Sorry to hear about your Uncle John. Thoughts and prayers for your whole family.