Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crave Lock-In and New Years Eve Kidlet Fun!

 Happy New Year's Eve Blogging Friends!!
I can't believe I am actually feeling pretty good tonight. I owe that to my awesome parents who picked up my children from their dad's for me so I could sleep this morning till noon! Why did I have to sleep till noon? Because it was the CRAVE lock-in!!! And I sadly hang my head in shame and admit I cut out two hours early... But I was NOT the first adult to leave... I think like 10 did before me!! I left with three college age girls so they were just as pathetic as me! :) I did put in my 11 hours duty though. 

So yesterday I put in my pink hair fun and asked my 9 year old - does mommy look good or do I look like an old person trying to be cool. I love her age cause she still thinks I am cool! She said oh no mommy you look GREAT! So I wore em. Where else am I going to put in pink hair?? It was fun. Added the 80s blue eye liner/mascara and silver glitter eye shadow - I was ready to PARTY! 

And we had FUN!! Here is Sandy - who said - Ha ha you don't have facebook anymore when I took her picture! Well phooey on you Sandy cause I have a blog! ok ok so my following here is a tad smaller than my friends list on facebook was.... but still :)
When Sandy bungied you could hear her war cry all through the sanctuary! It was awesome!!

Then we joust! Oh you should have seen us trying to balance on the blocks and beat the tar outta each other till we fell over... didn't take much.. ha ha. But aren't we cute in our HEADGEAR!!! I musta yelled "Wear HEADGEAR" 100 times last night! 
For some reason - the kids did NOT like it...

And here I am with sweet Samantha John. 
 This was the bouncy house I was stationed at. It was HUGE!!! It had jousting, boxing, volleyball, basketball, soccer and twister!
 I think we had 150ish kids. Had "About a Mile" band play for us. They are moving to Nashville! Just got signed!!!
 And here I am with Samantha's Mom Kati! Another awesome John :)

So after I snuck out at 5 am and slept till noon when I got home to Butler, I went to mom and dad's for lunch. And geared up for tonight!

Ice cream sundae makings!!
 The kids also made t-shirts with fabric markers and a bedazzeler.
 Ate Pizza and Shrimp
 And Crafted with pipe cleaners, googly eyes and puff balls.

 Got out our party gear (like his tshirt? It is fireworks in his words. I drew little tiny smiley faces on it and he kept scribbling them saying they were burning with fire... what is wrong with my kids???)
 Bet the neighbors love our noise blowers and string pop things. (Thanks Tamara!!)
 Then we made the ice cream!

 This was starting to remind me of our gingerbread making experience... have you ever seen so much sugar???
 And of course - Sparkling Grape Juice!

The night is still young. Hope all my super awesome friends are happy and safe this New Years! I have had a GREAT 2011 full of change and finding out what amazing friends and family I have. I look forward to another year and seeing what it might bring.

So how about resolutions? Anyone make em? Sounds like a topic for my next blog post... feel free to share by commenting if you do or dont and if you want to tell :)


ok, well two of the kids made it. lol

And Wyatt is sawing logs too! lol Poor Tristan. The noise blowers and poppers did Not even move him. The girls found that funny. I love that boy!


  1. Love you all, Linda. This is Aunt Bev. I just love all of the fun doings on this blog!

  2. I love your spirit of fun, Linda. his is Aunt Bev

  3. Happy New Year Sweetie! I love you so very much and pray that 2012 will be a very blessed year for you and your family. Josh just called to wish us a "Happy New Year!" and we never even heard the phone ring :o) I put your blog on my fb page again and some of my friends read it and like it.

  4. What a lot of fun! Thanks for stopping by. And a very happy 2012 for you. May it be filled with blessings and lots of wonderful things!

  5. Wow! I want to go to your house for New Years Eve!!! Looks like you guys had a great time. Ice cream sundaes and pizzas, what could be better
    Happy New Year to you and your family. Hoping 2012 wil be a great year for all of you.

  6. Happy New Year to you too. I miss seeing you on facebook and John thought he had offended you somehow and that you unfriended him until i told him you werent on anymore. I love your blog though and I really should post more on mine. Love ya and God Bless.

  7. Fun, fun!!!

    I'll ask Heather about the blog but I'm almost certain that she doesn't read any blogs anymore. I believe she needed to spend that time elsewhere. Probably the best way to catch up is through email.

  8. Looks like you had a fun New Year! I'm trying to be one of your followers...but, it won't let me. Don't know what I did. lol

    I just started a blog for deals and such check it out if you want...I'm still figuring everything out cause I'm new to this! haha

  9. ... were you a follower before? I blocked a certain poster and wonder if I did you instead of the other Heather I wanted too...

    Thus the comment above where I was asking if my third friend Heather was the one I blocked... man I have lots of friends named heather! ha ha. well one less... but that is a big ol story for not anymore.

    Janice - Please tell John NO WAY! He could never offend me. None of you could! And he can come visit here if he is a blog reader :)