Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Full Swing as a mom tonight

Well... I am in full mommy mode tonight. After taking Tristan to Gymnastics, running Alyssa to "take a friend to dance class" and shopping at Walmart... I noticed Wyatt was warm. Although he claimed he was NOT SICK his cries and fever told me other wise.

Came home to put groceries away and he just wanted held and was gonna puke. His stomach churned once but thankfully so far no pukes. He is zonked out sleeping.

His big brother though cannot sleep. He keeps watching religously "Billy the Exterminator" and while it intrigues him and he can't stop watching it - he is killing himself at night because he is terrified. Tristan has always been my terrified skiddish kid. He has had bad dreams from day one and is afraid to be alone. I hate it. It is so sad as he shakes and literally feels like his heart is gonna jump outta his chest.

So I rolled burning hot fever boy off me and tried to get Tristan to bed.

I sure hope this passes quickly and is not shared around. Tristan has clinic on Friday. It always seems we have something going through the house on clinic time... sigh.

Here's to hoping for a night that I don't get puked on... I have a towel under him and a bucket near by but the past has taught me that doesn't really matter...


  1. Here's hoping to no vomit for Wyatt!!! His face does look flushed in the picture, but maybe by now he is feeling better.
    And good luck at clinic with Tristan.

    1. Thanks. Tristan had a great clinic day today. Counts were "beautiful" his oncologist said. I got some answers to a few concerns and he is scheduled for next clinic April 20th and then he will have a check on his heart too. Since his regular dr heard a murmer. Since my dad had a valve replacement I can not be too careful and better to check. But chugging along and GOD IS GOOD!

  2. How are they feeling today? Hope it passes quickley!

  3. Cranky and a small fever still but he is eating so... I think it should pass soon.