Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up and Homeschool Co-op

 Wrapping Up this week in the middle. :) hey - it works.
We had Eye Doctor Appointments on Monday with Dr. Nebel. I have been to Dr. Nebel myself since I was a kid. Now I take my children there. Since I am a picture freak - you know I snapped some pictures. We came home with Alyssa needing glasses for close work. She is Far Sighted. Tristan was good again this year.

Wyatt was laughing and saying they looked like ROBOTS!
 Monday Night was Girls Scouts. On our way the ENTIRE way there we had a rainbow. IT WAS HUGE! A Complete DOUBLE bow across the sky! Oh how cute the minds of kids. Tristan was begging me to stop on the way home in this one parking lot we saw it hit the ground to look for the pot of gold or to touch it!

 It was not too cold out and lots of nice snow so the kids went out to play and make snow... dogs? Here is Alyssa and her SnowDog. He has a hat and a pipe in his mouth.
 And here is Nicole and her cool SnowMan.
 Tristan decided one night he wanted to sleep in his cap from Clinic. We got this when he was 3.
 We started back Homeschool Co-op on Friday! It was a GREAT DAY! Some of our friends were missed that couldn't come. I had a winter theme in my PreK Class. Here is Ellen my helper and the kids making their igloo pictures. I showed them pictures of real ones and we cut strips of paper and glued blocks. Then we made falling snow with our finger tips. We also did a cutting snowflake worksheet. Played Puzzles, Made Coffee Filter Snowflakes and more. I was happy to be over prepared and didn't get to everything I had brought. That is a good day. The kids enjoyed being back with their friends. Even Mr. Wyatt participated in Kindermusic the period I am in the Mom Zone away from him.

 The kids went to their dad's house this weekend. I guess the wax statue of Troy Polamalu was going around touring the area before it goes to the museum. Justin sent me this picture via text of him and the kids. Thought it was a nice picture, all the kids are smiling. lol I told him he should print it out to hang on his wall. He said Wyatt was kinda freaked out at the situation. And Alyssa was most excited about getting samples of Head and Shoulders Shampoo and Conditioner!  lol
So that was a few high lights from this week. Kids are rushing me to activate some Pokemon Game site for them so I will leave it at this and see ya later!

oh and having SUPER fun playing Words with Friends, Scramble with Friends and Hanging with Friends with everyone. If you play on facebook, all you have to do is search for me - it works. mom2atw

I have like 13 games going on Words. ha ha. Love it! I feel smarter already. But playing with Jack Goodman is not making me smarter! I swear he cheats! His entire board is full of words that I can't read! I feel like we are playing in another language! And he gets like 96 points a turn to my 8... ha ha... oh well...


  1. Oh, man, I have a game going with a family member that's like that! Sometimes I feel I need to look up the words! LOL

    Looks like a nice week! LOVE the rainbow! Must've been beautiful!

    1. exactly - lol at least my words are really ones I know! ha ha... or try and they accept! hee hee

  2. Sounds like you had a great time!

    Tristan is looking great!

  3. Look at all that snow! No snow for us. It's been in the 70s. I guess those boots I bought the girls are going to go to waste. lol

    1. Jealous of your 70 plus weather. I am not sure why I love PA so much... Just in me I guess. :)