Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Hodgepodge of a Post :)

Tristan above is all tired from swimming lessons, having a snack in the teen lounge before Alyssa's swimming lessons...

This is my beautiful 11 month old niece Adelyn Grace. Lauren sent me this picture on my cell and I wanted to share. Here she is in the hoodie I got her for Christmas and playing with the toy purse we did too. Can you just kiss that little baby face! I can't wait to get to celebrate her first birthday down in Maryland next month!!! So excited!
 I have been wanting to for a while but never got around to it before - but we actually made it to the Lowes Grow and Build clinic! Alyssa and Tristan made Castles. Oye. That is so more parent help. Actually they did it well but I had to help Tristan with the directions and holding the nails. He said they were too small and he didn't want to hit his fingers... thanks Tristan... thanks. I only had him put one piece on upside down! not bad for my first time. :) We go back on next saturday for build a dinosaur. I will take my time reading better. I promise!

 And we had fun with legos this week and Tristan wanted me to take a picture of his.
 I did a little baby sitting for friends this week since school was out for Butler Monday and Tuesday. On Monday I offered to keep my best friend Jenn's 3 kids while she had her ultrasound for the fourth little Bowser kidlet! (if you don't know that story... pray for her! ha ha ha She had the one tube she had left tied and... well... a girls a coming!) Anyways... This is Addyson. They call her demon child. I know mom... but ...  well... Anyways... Addy and Wyatt wondered upstairs while I was helping the three big boys with something and before I had a chance to Addyson proof Alyssa's room -she found the make up. And said she LOVED how pretty she looked. Yes sweetie you do. And then she wanted to put it on me! :eeek:: I am good!
 Wyatt did better in his swim class this week. He only pouted a few times. I think it will get better... Lets cross our fingers.
 Alyssa has made it up to the Flying Fish. Here she is. She loves her class. Only one more class she can go to and then she is too young to advance any further.
 Tonight was Gymnastics for Tristan. He does well. I think it is a lot of fun. He doesn't advance... well he hasn't yet but I still love it. I think it is good for him. Sadly I think the other boy in the class convinced his mom to let him drop out. He was pouting about being there from the start... But we might be lucky and he might just have had to miss tonight... I have a feeling I am wrong though.
 Yesterday after Swimming We went to moms to pick Wyatt back up. My parents watch him for me if they don't have home group. Mom had presents and cake for me. Here wyatt is showing you his pink balloon he got me. But he was waving it so you can't see it.

 Tristan and Grandpa. :)

 Alyssa and Grandma. (oh my... someone pay me to post the other pics we took! ha ha ha it would be well worth it! But I want to live to see my next birthday so I best hit the delete button. We laughed so hard taking pics of these two!)

This morning after FOUR HOURS of helping Alyssa clean her bedroom... yes it took that long. We took four garbage bags and a doll house to salvation army this morning. And have a box and leapfrog shopping cart to go to a friends. Alyssa (and I) have trouble letting things go, and we keep our stuff nice... so it is not needing to go. But the size of her room made it miserable for us to keep up with all the barbies (I kept all MY BARBIES from when I was little and added them to her supply! Like we are talking two BINS full! No more!) polly pockets, squinkies, zoobles, babydolls etc etc. Adding to her age and how she loves make up and hair things etc. It was a night mare! And books. And papers, and music stuff... all in a small bedroom. Oh forgot all her endless crafting supplies. I shoulda took before and after pics but we were busy! It is MUCH MUCH more manageable now. 
Well while us girls were cleaning, Tristan was caring for Wyatt! I love my kids! He got him breakfast and lunch! Since we were outta milk I am not sure what they ate but pepperonis and yogurts were included. lol They played and entertained themselves well. I love when Tristan takes care of Wyatt cause it is adorable to see how they work together instead of bicker. 

Anyways... when we were finished it was 1! So out to lunch we went. Eatin Park lady loved how I paid for a few dollars of my meal in dimes and nickles! ha ha. Well I needed to use them and we wanted to eat!
 ... anyone notice Wyatt is in the same shirt from last night.... I win the good mommy award! He also slept in it! ha ha ha... He is changed now... actually he has no shirt on sleeping now...
So that was an over view of my days. Tomorrow is Alyssa Gymnastics. Then HOMESCHOOL CO-OP starts again! I am super super super excited! Can't wait to see all my friends again. I am so blessed to have a great support group at Harvest.

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