Friday, January 27, 2012

Dinosaur Pak and Stak - a Book Review for New Leaf Press

I received Dinosaur Pak and Stak by Dan Lietha today for review from New Leaf Press. My first thought was that it was smaller than I expected. I did not read the dimensions of the box before ordering.
But I was excited to get this. I always love Dinosaur Books from Christian Authors because - well Boys love Dinosaurs and being a Creationist we have to be choosy on what Dinosaur Items we let into our home.
The Dinosaur Pak and Stak come in a nice box with a magnetic lid. Very easy to open and close.
 On the top is a stack of blocks. These can be used to stack or make the picture puzzles out of. The answers to the picture puzzles are on the back of each mini book.

 These are not just ordinary Preschool books. Yes, my preschooler loved them. He made up his own story as he looked through the nice pictures. But my 6 year old eagerly showed his 9 year old sister the facts in them. The kids had just recently visited a museum and were excited to tell me which ones they had seen there.
 My favorite is the book on Leviathan. And this dinosaur the kids told me they saw all the bones for in the museum. I love how the Bible confirms the young earth Creation with the mention of dinosaurs with humans! And this book shows the kids exactly which one Job is talking about in the Old Testament.
 Look I built a puzzle! ha ha. A little too hard for Wyatt but I liked it.

 He read every one to me. (in his own words)
 Here is a picture of all of the books it comes with.
I think this would be a GREAT gift for giving to families with small boys. (ok girls too) I would completely recommend the Dinosaur Stak and Pak. My family really enjoyed it.

I received this free for review from New Leaf Press and was not required to give a positive review.


  1. Very cute! It's funny, but Sam hasn't gotten into that dinosaur phase boy's have around this time! LOL

  2. Looks like a fun subject to review~
    Silly question not related to this post, but HOW do you turn on the reply thing??? I don't have the groovy things on my blog like you do (the MBTF +1 stuff).

  3. Well the reply was added as an update. You gotta go to settings, comments, and make them embedded. R u updated to the latest blogger? Mine is linked to my google plus account.

  4. Tag! You're it! I tagged you for Randomness 11 in my latest blog post (if you're interested and have the time)!