Monday, November 28, 2011

Playing Hard Today

Oh my goodness today was a beautiful day! Also - the neighborhood kids had off school. Thank goodness my kids got their homeschool done early and we spent most of the day outside. HOW BEAUTIFUL!

 But the kids suckered me into playing kickball! lol I have not played kickball since highschool! I have to say - I was pretty good :) Then another dad here got suckered into joining our game. It was very very fun! I cannot believe it is almost December and I was outside playing kickball and then hide and seek with the kids!! My team woulda won but Brayden cheats! ha ha ha. I swear he does!

After dark all the kids came back to my house and played Smash Brothers and I made them dinner. I like when neighborhood kids are here to eat because all the other parents are MUCH better at enforcing good eating habits! And they influence my kids. My kids were eating salads. That is so not the norm! But Joel, Nicole and Brayden were so of course my kids wanted one too. LOVE IT!

Now it is inside hide and seek tag. Fun times. (hope nothing gets broke this time - we have been known to have a hole in the wall, clothes rods broke... yikes they play hard!)

Ginger Bread cookies and now I am ready to sit! I played hard today! ha ha. Kickball, hide and seek, puddle jumping, rock throwing, swinging and climbing at the playground, Yes I love days like today. Wish it was bedtime - ha ha, something is bound to go wrong soon. How many kid can you have playing and not have ... oh wait.. Wyatt is crying, gotta go! lol


  1. Hey

    nate and I making ink lol I dont know how to contact you other than phone

  2. THIS IS HOW! Hi Christy!!! :) :) :) you can talk to me on my blog anytime!

  3. awesome!!! HOMESCHOOL LESSON! And Tristan and Wyatt loved seeing their cousin Nathan! Alyssa is not home - wait she just walked in! Now she can watch it :) :) :) I think you should make more and more little lessons for us like this!