Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Tree Lights, Cookies, Chris (& family) and Cute Cakes

Had a really nice night tonight... spent the evening with my best friends at Marxville. Shawn was putting up his Christmas Tree.... As Addyson said - need sunglasses! Oh how Shawn's tree puts my little prelit to shame. I have probably 200 lights - Shawn's estimate on his tree was 1,800. I laughed and said - he was sad that the fire department did not show up at his annual leaf pile lighting day - so he is trying to draw their attention with his tree :)  

Jenny and I took the kidlets into Light Up Night down town Butler. It was nice. Glad the weather was not bad. Nothing super spectacular but it got them out of their dad's hair for a bit while he figured out the branches to his tree... ha ha...

But here is a picture of how my humble little tree looks in my house. I still love it! Cause of everything on it. Next year though... might have to get more lights. Oh - my lights. I am so sad that when I came home tonight - only the red snowflakes on my window lights were on. Grrrr, I like them so much! Oh well...

 We made some gingerbread cookies this week. Kids helped with rolling them out and sugaring them. Icing. Wyatt helped by eating them all!
 And what a super special treat! My niece Adelyn Grace came up to see us from Maryland!!! oh yea, her parents did too! ha ha. Sorry Chris and Lauren - once the babies come - U r old news! My kids ADORE their cousin!!!

 Adelyn is the most precious little thing. She is so special. 9 months old. She is doing so well! Thank you Jesus for your hand on our baby girl. Adelyn has a lot of medical watches with being a Downs Baby. It is crazy how Once I knew nothing about Leukemia - and boom, I was thrown into a world and sink or swim. You learn fast. And now we are learning about life with a Downs Baby in our Family. They are such special kids. So happy and sweet. But lots of things go on in those little bodies and she is continually in our prayers. God has had his hand on her and for now the hole in her heart is ok and she does not need a recheck for 24 months! Thank you Jesus!
 And everyone loves jumping on and climbing on Uncle Chris! Always have - always will.
 Go go go Little Adelyn. She is a rocking and a moving and so close to crawling. So close. I tell Lauren not to rush it cause once they move you are like -crud... wish you stayed put! ha ha.
 Auntie Linda Loves you baby doll! I am so glad that she is coming back up at Christmas. I love my brothers. We were very close and such good friends. I HATE that they both moved so far away. Maryland and Georgia. But man when we do get to see them - times are so special. I am truly blessed with the greatest family on the earth! My blog - my judgement. :)
 Kids are at their dad's this weekend. I miss them dearly when they are gone but it is nice to have a time to regroup. Clean the house. Spend me time with my best friends. I also have a great aunt to my kiddos who sends me cute shots from her cell phone so I still get to see the special moments my kids are enjoying. That is a blessing too. This weekend Aunt Majesta made a birthday cake for Wyatt. She is so good to my kids. Here is a photo of him with his cake. She said he loved the gummy bears on the sides and picked them all off to eat!


  1. Your tree is wonderful! The kids have plans to put ours up next weekend. Last year they put about 1200 lights on it! LOL

    Love the idea of making gingerbread cookies! (Can't go wrong with gingerbread! LOL) The kids can decorate the tree and I can bake the cookies! LOL

  2. Lots of fun. And how adorable is your niece? I'm loving her red hair.

    Happy Birthday to your little man.

  3. I love all the pictures!!!
    I miss little Addy and cannot wait to see her for Christmas.