Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Parade, Party and Putting up the Christmas Tree!

This year the Christmas Parade in Butler was moved from the day after Thanksgiving to the Saturday before. At first I was like - really?? But the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!! I have not enjoyed a parade like that in a long time! It was so much fun and I am glad when Uncle Joe texted me first thing in the morning - I did not just say - no... we were not planning on it. I am so glad I went! We met my Uncle and Aunt and two cousins down at my Grandmas house and walked to Main Street. It was sooo nice! The kids had a great time. I think Wyatt had candy in his mouth from the min the parade started till it ended! 

 Sunday was Wyatt's Birthday Party with his momma. We had a small party. Just my parents, Tamara, Jim and Nicole and Then Marxville. (I love Marxville - just sayin) We had a really nice time. Wyatt had a Backyardains Party but when we went to order his cake he insisted on a Cars Cake. Which was cool. He LOVED IT! All he wanted to do was drive the cars on the cake road. He did NOT want us to cut it! lol Man it was a mess. But we ordered a big enough cake and - gasp - I let him! ha ha. Hey - your birthday only comes once a year. (in my case  I decided to go down to every other... will that stop the gray hairs???)

And today we decorated for Christmas... wow I musta left a lot in my old house by accident cause I had a few things missing. I told Alyssa that whatever we are missing - we will just move on and get/make new. Can't do anything about it and we still have a lot of nice things. :-)
We like to get real trees but this past year we got a small Christmas prelit after Mr. Wyatt pulled the Christmas Tree over on  himself 5 or 6 times! I usually leave the tree up a little bit after Christmas but last year come Christmas day - over HALF the ornaments were not on anymore! He got so used to the tree being on top of him he would just sit and wait for us to get him out and not even cry! So little tree again this year. Which works well cause I have a smaller place now.

 And as tradition goes in my home - The daughter puts the angel on top of the tree. It was always my job - and each year I have pictures of my daddy holding me to put the angel on. Even as a grown women my dad always posed and held me (we hid the chair!) for putting it on. Now the job has been passed to my own daughter. Tristan is not happy about this tradition and he thinks he should get a chance but I just cannot bring myself to break it. Sorry Buddy. So here I am holding Alyssa for the angel. Our Angel is HUGE on our tree! ha ha. Like I said - we used to get real trees in our big house... Tristan was my photographer here.

 It was a nice weekend/day today. Busy... but fun!

 I gave the kids new Christmas Jammies and slippers for tree decorating and then also for Christmas morning. Tristan's was only jammie pants and so he was only wearing  the pants! lol Good thing it was not too cold today.


  1. Your tree looks real nice! And the kids look so cute in their Winter jammies. I know they had fun and they can do it again at my house soon!

  2. Be ready - only put out what u want on tree! Lol they we decorating fools! Tristan did really good. Wyatt put on a few but mainly played with the balls. Thankfully we bought Plastic cause he was throwing for a bit. Stopped him of course. He was hooking them together too. Right up his ally.