Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday to Wyatt Daniel!!!! 11/20/08

Well this is so hard to believe it has been 3 years already!!! My youngest son is 3 today and it has surely flew by! I am so blessed to have such a special little spitfire of a child in our family. He has marked his own since day one! Wyatt was my BIGGEST baby. 9#4oz and boy did he take a toll on his mama! Here I am 37 weeks preggo... No that is NOT twins but it sure felt like it!

Wyatt decide to take up residence much like his sister. He did NOT want to come out and had to be evicted. I prayed for a boy. Tristan was so easy. Easy pregnancy, Came EARLY, easy going baby... I wanted another just like him. So I got my wish for a boy... but Wyatt decided to throw a wrench in my plans and be a boy who modeled his sister!!! Awful pregnancy, not wanting to come out, had to be induced 2 weeks after my due date... Guess what I found out?? The other day I went to my doctor and he was discussing what meds I was taking. He asked me when I stopped such and such a drug. I said I was NEVER on that. He said - you were supposed to be. I said for what? He said - Gestational Diabetes. I said oh no, I did not have that. I failed my one hour but passed my 3 hour. He said , no you didn't. Your results are right here. You failed! NO WONDER Mr. Wyatt was a nine pounder when my other two were seven!!! He was GD!!!!! WHAT  IN THE WORLD!!!

So Wyatt entered the world on his time. Since he had been ready to come out since Nov. 1st when I went to the ER thinking I might be in labor... the nurse said - yep his head is right there... well... he stayed RIGHT there... and when he came out - his little face was PURPLE and his head... not such a nice shape. No crew cuts for him...

 Wyatt is such a fun little boy. My favorite thing is when he says "Where's my hug and kiss" And stops me in my tracks. I just adore him. But oh he can be a little stinker! He rules our house and he knows it. Well I try my BEST not to let him rule it. Do not want him truly to be spoiled but he tries. Oh how he tries...

Wyatt decided that just because I already had two kids, one of each - he was not going to let me think I knew everything. He decided to be everything in a child I had not experienced just for the fun of it. I got my biter. It would crack me up how everyone of us would be afraid of him like a dog that bites! Cause he bit us! if he wanted anything his mouth opened up and CHOMP! How GRATEFUL I am that that stage is over!

Wyatt had colic where none of my other kids did. My X worked nights and would call to check on me. Every night from eight till eleven I would rock Wyatt as he would scream and scream. Without fail. Justin would say - are you ok... and I was. I knew that at eleven he would stop and we could go to sleep. But he screamed and cried for those hours.

Little things like his belly button healing. That thing stayed on for WEEKS!!! It was well into December and I said - screw the no bath thing until it falls off, we put a huge bandaid on it and bathed him. It did not want to fall off!!! But a baby needs a bath after so long.

He also never grew certain teeth... two on his bottom just never came in.

Wyatt was my longest nurser. Hanging on for two and a half years! I nursed Wyatt till the end of May of this year. Still sometimes at night he talks about mommys booby milk. I know some of you might be cringing that I am even talking about this on a blog but too bad. You are at my blog. :) Deal with it. ha ha ha. I  LOVED nursing him. Sometimes I think... perhaps I should not have stopped him. I did it. He didn't. I decided one day I was ready to stop. Until I stopped nursing the other kids went to their dad's but Mr. Wyatt stayed with me. I think I used it as a way to keep my baby from overnight visits. Not out of spite but out of I was not ready... But it was time. I cherish every min. that I had with him nursing though.

Wyatt likes to color on walls, take the kids toys, pee on my floor and bed, knock over anything and everything Tristan builds or has, etc etc...

But he is a sweet kid. He LOVES his big brother and sister. Alyssa is his little mom. Tristan is good when Alyssa is not around. lol I love to see the family dynamics. Wyatt is much like Alyssa. FUSSYYYY. But very smart and interesting. He has a story to tell. He talks a lot. He wants to be heard. If you do not let him finish he will say - Hey, Hey... HEY!!! and MAKE you listen! He demands attention but being littlest sometimes you gotta. He knows what he likes and when he finds something... like a show - we have to watch it over and over and when it is someone elses turn - he will make it known he is not happy about it. lol

He is another leftie like his big brother. He likes to color and wants to stay in the lines. Has no problem coloring an entire picture one color but he will fill in all the white of the character and it is percise where he is coloring.

He is all boy. Has always loved trucks and trains and boy things.

Wyatt sleeps with me still. He was my first child who slept with me from birth. Tristan did but only because of his treatment and steroids making it impossible for him to sleep in his room. Wyatt got to since his dad worked nights, I could. :) and he is still my little snuggle buddy at night. I miss him a lot when he is at his dad's. I cherish every min of the time I get with him at night. I know it won't be forever. And trust me - Tristan transitioned to his own bed fine... and he already sleeps with his siblings at his dad's. He is not attatched to me specifically - just someone. So like Tristan, I transitioned him by moving him to his sister, I will do the same with Wyatt. He can sleep with one of them. :)

Well if I ramble any longer - I can assure myself the only reader will be my mom - so I best stop. If I still have your attention... lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wyatt Daniel! I love you so much! You make my life very interesting and I cannot imagine what we did without you! Thank you God for each and every one of my kids and what they bring to my family.


  1. It sounds like Wyatt is one terrific little kid! Happy Birthday Wyatt. I feel like I know him after your story.
    have a great day!

  2. Awww, what a cute little guy! Happy Birthday, Wyatt!! Have a wonderful day! I had a big baby, too, 9lbs 1oz. :) I didn't have GD either. I always failed the 1 hour test, so with Grace I just took the 3 hour one, lol.

    What a cute photo collage, too!