Thursday, December 1, 2011

Knock em Dead 2011 a Booksneeze review

Knock em Dead 2011 The Ultimate Search Guide: 25th Anniversary Edition

By Martin Yate, CPC is a must read for anyone seeking a job or career change in the near future. Martin updates his book yearly so this is not outdated material. This book will show you how to market yourself as "MeInc" and uses a humorous tone so it is easy reading and not bland. With recessions coming every 7-10 years and job changes statistically being every 4, this book is worth having around your home. This book has everything from the resume to the interview, follow up to negotiating. If you want to know it about job searching it is pretty much in here. 

 While I am not seeking a job - today, I still feel I learned a lot from the book and the practical advice will come in handy in the future. 

I received this book free from and was not required to give a positive review.




  1. Linda - This has nothing to do with your book review since I don't plan on having to search for a job anytime in the near future. But, while I was on here, I saw that you guys use All About Spelling. I just purchased that for Ian for next year. You like it? It seemed like a really good phonics-based spelling program. I had actually purchased a different spelling program and ended up selling it on eBay after I found and bought All About Spelling. You use Sonlight too? And Teaching Textbooks? We use all the same curriculum! Well, have a blessed day!!!!

  2. I'm not Linda, but I started using All About Spelling with my STRUGGLING speller in January. In September she tested at Grade 1 Month 3 for Spelling and just a few days ago she tested at Grade 3 Month 5. Over 2 years improvement! (She's finishing up 3rd grade.) Nothing else has worked for her! I can't say she ENJOYS it, but she doesn't dread it like other programs.