Monday, December 5, 2011

French Puffs, Funny Pics and Family Fun!

WOAH is December a busy month!! Just looking at my calendar I wonder why I fill it so - but then I think - because I LOVE IT! I love being busy with fun! So here are a few things we have been doing this month already. 

We made french puffs the other day for breakfast. From the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook, Tristan was my helper. Alyssa was helping too but she was doing dishes!
All I can say is - oh my! They were filling and buttery and sugary... The best! I WILL be making these again. We shared some with my mom and my friend Tamara and they both agreed that they were realllllly good!

At the Parade last month we had free coupons for the kids to eat at the Old Country Buffet. So we called Uncle Joe and headed out for dinner. As you can see here - Tristan really was enjoying it all! Check out his plates!
Then messing around with the Camera from my cell phone we took some goofy pics.
My good friend Tamara gifted me these earrings and necklace. Thank you Tamara! They are beautiful!!! Hard to tell but they are green and blue. Match a TON of my outfits! 
Saturday Night Tamara and Nicole came down (They live in the same housing plant we do) and we made gingerbread houses and cookies. My kitchen smelled so sweet! Oh my I have not been in the middle of so much sugar and junk! We had to break out the cucumbers to counter the candy!
Alyssa's Gingerbread cookies. The one on top is nothing but the bottom is a Christmas Tree and Presents.
Then we decorated graham cracker houses while Tamara worked on the real one.
This is Alyssa's. That gumdrop creation on top is Santa on the roof! :)
Here is Tamara's. VERY pretty!
Then Sunday was another awesome day at my house. Church was GREAT! Wyatt is doing better in his class. He hugged the door for a while but actually participated this week. He just turned 3 so he changed classes and his having a hard adjustment. But Tim and Jean are THE BEST! So he happily has been singing "Happy and you know it clap your hands" all yesterday and today.

After church we made lunch then had a trail mix making time. Kids were able to put in whatever they wanted in theirs. They loved it.
And after a big spaghetti dinner we played our annual game of  To Bethlehem. If you do not have this game - you need it! It is from the Family Man, Todd Wilson. This game is fun for ALL AGES and gets the family around the table. I think the "around the campfire" squares are the best. You pick a card and they get you talking. Some are questions, some tell you to do something. Last night we had to call Uncle Chris and sing him a Christmas Carol! We sang - Wyatt yelled. It was funny! Sorry Chris for hurting your ears!

During this turn - I was tired from my journey (the point of the game is traveling to see the newborn king) and had to sit on another traveler's lap until my next turn! Tristan got squished!
Oh Alyssa was cold - she had to put her socks on her hands until she rolled a 4!
Now, as I said before my favorite squares are the Around the Camp fire but TRISTAN, he has different tastes... this - this is his all time favorite square. There is some silly thing between little boys and flushing toilets. And Todd Wilson knows it! ha ha.


Here we are with towels on our heads like shepherds. I know, I know... they are NOT like shepherds but I have no clue how to tie one like they did. so we just threw them on.

After Tristan kicked our butt and won the game - we made hershey kiss cookies. Now everyone knows the only thing you really want on them is the kisses - so we like to add more! 2 or 3 per cookie! And just for fun since we had some left from our trail mix, we threw on a few m&ms.

I love December! Advent... we are doing our calendars, ripping links off our countdown chain and just enjoying the season. We are looking forward to caroling, gift making, parties and more. I love seeing snow but have been really happy to see warm temps this week. We have been outside playing every day! The kids have really been taking advantage of being outside! We know soon the bitter temps will keep us inside so we are spending as much as possible out in the 50 degree weather we have had! LOVE IT!


  1. Wow! I wanted go to YOUR HOUSE for treats! Probably my kids would too! LOL I made low sugar pumpkin muffins! Do they count? LOL We'll make peppermint fudge before the season is over. Anyway that games looks like a BLAST! (That would be Sam's favorite square too! LOL) (Oh, and Cati got Alyssa's letter.)

  2. You are such a fun Mom. I so wish I could have been more like you when you and your brothers were young! You need to bring that game on Christmas and after opening presents we can all play! I think we played it last year, right? I remember it being fun :o) I love you honey!!!

  3. You are such a good mom Linda!!!!

  4. Good to hear Cati got the letter! No the pumpkin muffins don't count. Unless you melt butter and roll them in it then sugar! Lol

    Mom- that is why God gave you dad. You two balanced each other well and we had a super awesome childhood! The best! I just try real hard to give my kids one as great as I had. But I am a lot like you - I like to have fun but sometimes I done. Ha I feel like bipolar mom. At 8 at night I hit my wall and am done. But they are loved!

    Carrie- hi!!!! And you r super fun mom too!!! Miss you. How are the kids and Lee?

  5. Oh and mom - you r super fun grandma. You do all the things I don't wanna do! So my kids r blessed with that too!

  6. Just wanted to say hello and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Miss seeing you on FB...just posted Ethan's 4th grade fall picture. He started basketball for the winter and baseball starts back in March. One more day of school for me for the semester. I am ready for a break. We will be up to PA the weekend of Jan 14th...if you have the kids you should bring to the hotel we are staying in to swim...Glad to see everyone is doing great!!

  7. Hi Jeanne! I WILL have kids that weekend. Unless Alyssa has something girl scouts - we should! Email me or pm me on Womens Place information on where u are staying. Do you have my phone number? You can text me too... private message me at wp though.

    I want to see his pic too... can you link it on our private september board at wp?

  8. I will try...always have issues with that...and to think of my pass