Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Bunch of Crazies

Every year I take pictures for fall. School/Presents etc whatever. So the other day we were picture snappin. Here are some of the crazy pictures I got. After an hour of picture taking we took advantage of the beautiful day - and kids at school and played outside together. It is so nice to live in a place with lots of kids who my children play with. But it is extra special to take the times just to ourselves to play. No one else but us. I love to see my kids play together nicely. I am so blessed to homeschool.


  1. You guys look awesome!!! I love it! Lovin the argyle sweaters! Love ya!

  2. Nice looking family! Your kids are really cute!

  3. They are getting so big!! I just love that last close-up of Tristan.

  4. Thanks!

    Chris - Got the sweaters/dress from old navy. On sale and had a thirty percent off code with free shipping. They will be their holiday outfits. I think they look spiffy if I do say so myself :) :) :0)

    When you catch Tristan's eyes he is stunning! The poor kid has Irwin family syndrom where they smile and loose their eyes though - lol

  5. Love all the pictures. Can't wait to get a few new ones for my walls :o)