Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Year with Jesus - a Book Sneeze review

Oh yes oh yes this is a GREAT devotional! In the past I have chosen to review a few devotionals. I have every intention of finding a nice devotional that I will use daily. I get them... I like them... I do a few pages and ... then stop...

I did it again - I picked a devotional in hopes of finding a rare gem. And this time I did it! I am reviewing A Year With Jesus by R.P. Nettelhorst.

First Glance this is a very nice looking book.

What I like about it most is that on each day it goes beyond what most devotionals do. Most tell you what scripture to look up and read. This one has it all there in the devotional for you. So if you want to only take this you have the word of God right where you want it. No need to find your Bible and search for and read. Which I admit was always something on days I was rushed I would just read the little devotional story. This devotional eliminates that hassle and has it right at my fingertips.

I also like how the days are Day 1, Day 2 etc. I am a little obsessive compulsive and starting a devotional anywhere but January 1st drove me nuts because I  had to start in the middle. So what I like about this one is you do not have to wait till January 1st to start if you are crazy like me. You can pick it up any day of the year and start on page one. :)

For reviewing purposes I skimmed a few various days in this book and then went back to actually use the devotional as my morning time with God. I LOVE IT! Each morning I look forward to grabbing this devotional and sitting down for some quiet time. As I read it - I think - oh I should get this book for ____, or _____.  It is basic - Jesus's words taken from the Bible, and then elaborated on in a way that really has been ministering to me! And what is great about it is this is not a devotional full of fluffy stories to read. It is actually digging into Jesus' words and teaching me about them.

Of all the devotionals I have reviewed in the past - I have finally found one that I am certain I will be reading from cover to cover and maybe over again. The fact that this is straight from the word of God, Jesus' is the one writing these devotions. I feel like this is the perfect devotional to start my mornings and since the days are numbered like I mentioned earlier and not specific days - I can pick it up again at night (like I plan to do after this blog post) and get more time with God.

This is the one. If you want a great devotional for Men, Women, Teens, Kids - it doesn't matter - God's word is good for them all. This is the one. A Year with Jesus will minister to whomever reads this book. The Words of Jesus.

Thank You Thomas Nelson for letting me review this book for free. I was not required to give a good review.

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