Saturday, November 5, 2011

Homeschool Co-Op

Another Homeschool Co-op under the belt. I think we have two left of our fall semester. Oh the Mom Zone was AWESOME this week! It was sooo good Stephanie had to come find us to leave and take our next class! ha ha
Homemade Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls, Scones, Peach Salsa and Chips, Spinach Dip and Breads, Bologna and Smoked Cheeses...  Oh man it was so good to be in fellowship! ha ha

But Classes were good too :) My prek Kids made turkeys outta their feet and hands. They also played their new favorite game of hide the fruit. It is funny to see the difference from our two 2 year old boys and the two 4 year old girls. The boys hide it and run right back to show the girls where it is. Oh it drives little Grace nuts since she is a stickler for following the rules!  Thank you Amber for covering for me when I had to leave early. I appreciate it! Missed the Families missing from class too. Hope to see everyone back next time!

I heard the older classes went to Hawaii on their state studies this week. Ms Brianna was embarrassing the boys with kisses! Mr. Wyatt did not do so well during my free period and snuck into the momzone. I think he really just wanted the goodies. But sorry Claire and Shawna if he was any trouble. I think lack of sleep from the night before contributed. He napped on the car ride home and then couch for a few hours! Leaving me a nice evening to take my boys down to Toys R Us. Didn't have to get to bed early since he napped.


  1. Looks like a blast, Linda! I'm looking into a new co-op now. (Waiting for an e-mail...) It's 45 minutes away, but we have a lot of free time with only Cati doing sports.

  2. Lots of fun!!!!

    We've been missing you on the board.

  3. Ok :) Lets see if I can remember my log in info.