Monday, October 24, 2011

Volcanos, Gems and Pirates

Ah Monday homeschool days.... Mondays are one of two things for us. Either I am super prepared because the kids were at their dads and I got ambitious with planning, or I filled my weekend so packed that I am scatterbrained and not ready for the school day. This Monday was a scatterbrained day. But the kids loved it because I filled it with a bunch of fun things. The boxes of science kits for fill in days that were eating the kids to be done - yep we used em.

So today we picked the volcano and the gem mining. I have to say - I have NEVER made a volcano before in my own school experience so it was fun! I was very impressed with the Smithsonian Science Kit Volcano as it was simple but not cheap. Glad I picked it up.

So here are some pictures of our science for the day. And then Tonight Alyssa had a Girl Scout Trick or Treat night at Sunnyview Nursing home. Very cute. Alyssa picked to be a Pirate this year. I think she makes a very pretty pirate but lesson learned tonight - somehow we gotta make this costume warmer before we venture outside for Trick or Treat around the neighborhoods! Not weather appropriate!


Had to wait for it to dry so it was finished later... 

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