Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Festival, Girl Scouts Pumpkin Patch and Burning of the Leaves at Marxville

This weekend was a perfect fall weekend for the kidlets and me. Started out on Saturday with a Super Fun Fall Festival at my Parents church. We had a great time with friends and family! Food, Games, Prizes, Activities. There was Decorate your own cupcakes, sand art, making bracelets, bookmarks, pumpkin magnets.... there were games for all ages (adults included) My older two LOVED balloon darts. I was afraid to try cause they were doing so well and I was afraid they would shame me! Pinyatas, Duck Pond, Bowling and Bean Bag toss for Wyatts age. We had such a nice time! Thank you Butler Assembly!
 Here is Me and my awesome friend Tamara. She made beautiful sugar cookies for the event! They tasted as awesome as they looked!
Wyatt getting his hand painted. :)
Wyatt making his pumpkin magnet.
Wyatt hitting the little kids pinyata.
Here is Tristan decorating his cupcake. A tad blurry....

 And here is Alyssa decorating hers.

After the Fall Festival - Alyssa had a girl scout trip to a pumpkin patch. Not sure which one it was but it was a Greater Butler Girl Scout Day there.

And today we went to Marxville. We decided to stop after church at 11 in the morning. We had a BUSY day there. Lunch, lots of playing outside. Alyssa helped Jenny make an apple pie! Thank you Jenny! I let Alyssa do a lot of helping in the kitchen but I am just as skiddish as my mom was - ok... not as bad but almost. Jenn was letting her cut apple peels with a paring knife. I was like - Jenn! She is gonna cut her finger!! Jenn says to me "Linda... if she cuts her finger - we will go right to the sink - wash it off and put a bandaide on it!" lol.... ok Jenny... ok...

Shawn worked ALL DAY leaf blowing. ALL DAY. And at the end of the night we got the annual lighting of the leaves day. ha ha. My kids think it is an event! Shawn always makes big huge piles all over their property and lights them all on fire. It looks crazy! The first time Alyssa saw it I thought she was gonna have a heart attack! This year she loved it! So did the littles. It doesnt take long before someone around the neighborhood calls the fire department... I think Shawn was disappointed this year because none came. I think they are getting used to him.

Here I am with Addyson watching the fires. (I swear it is better than the Forth of July!)


  1. Looks like you had such a lot of fun. And wow, Tristan is looking so well!

  2. Awesome fall fun, Linda! Poor Cati missed her scout pumpkin patch field trip while in FL. (She's back now.) But we're going with a homeschool on Friday (if it doesn't rain). LOVE the last photo of Alyssa!

  3. can you tell she took that one herself? lol