Friday, October 21, 2011

October 21 - A Great Day at Co-op!



You know it is a good day when all the classes run over in time and just don't want to let out and the kids track you down to tell you what they learned. Today my kids were eager to tell me all the crazy laws that they learned from Ms. Brianna in their State Studies. Did you know mom that it is illegal to spit in front of a girl in ___ (forgive me Brianna cause my mind did not retain where they said!) I LIKE this one!!! I think this will become a law of my house too! Who else thinks it is entirely GROSS when a guy spits around you? BLAH.

Did you know mom that if you put salt on a railroad track in____ you can be put to death? You can't get married when you are drunk in Pennsylvania (THANK GOD!) and you cant keep a donkey in the bathtub in Michigan? And in one state it is illegal to pee on the street. I think it is funny the ones that stick in their minds.

I love it. Love when the kids laugh and learn.

Today in Insect Studies Alyssa enjoyed sucking up nectar and putting it in her honey stomach.
And Tristan made electricity with a balloon and a battery. The funniest moment when I took a picture of that class and Ms. Johanna thought a kid hit it big time when the flash surprised her! lol You had to see her face!

In Our Preschool Class today we had Apple Day. We made Apple Pictures with Painted Hand Prints and Ripped Paper. The kids liked to "paint" with the rubber cement.

We played Hide the Apple and Made Apple Happy Books. 

Ate a snack of Apple Juice and Apple Jacks Cereal. 

I am very blessed to have such a great group with my Harvest Homeschool Moms. My favorite part of the day is always the "Mom Zone". Ahhh a kid free zone for a time out :) We school for 3 periods and each mom gets one free period to chill with other moms and EAT! :) Lots of Laughing too. I am so blessed to have such awesome moms to enjoy spending time with. It is so great to have my kids taught by such awesome people too. We have a great Dad who joins us each co-op also. BOB! We are blessed with a super dad too! If you homeschool and have not found a co-op I highly recommend joining or starting one. It has enriched our school experience so much! And really helps to refresh me too. 


  1. Great pictures once again, Linda. It was so good to see you and spend at least a little time together. We will schedule another moms night soon (((HUGS)))

  2. So fun, Linda! A new co-op started here...well, about 45 minutes from here...but we didn't join up this year. ((sigh)) I keep thinking we should, but we're already so busy!

  3. The only thing I dont like about blogging... To respond you guys wont know I do :)

    Missy - It was great to see you. So sorry I missed moms night out. It was a horrid horrid day. I did not have your numbers in my phone to text you. But as Johanna said - GOT THEM ALL in there now :) Wont happen again.

  4. I came back to bookmark your page...don't think this napkin will last very long! LOL No worries about Mom's Night. I'm just glad you and your kiddos are okay. We love you, Linda, and I'm praying your heart heals from the hurt.

  5. Great post, Linda! Me and my kids had lots of fun, too!

  6. we love ya lil momma!!!! now how did steph tell me to put you in my internet bar lol...o well i'll check back..i gotta put some work in my blog lol..but girl your rock...