Friday, October 28, 2011

Ramblings about Running

I didn't want to... but I did it... this morning I turned the heater on. BRRRRRR twenty some degrees out... anyone else see the little snow on tomorrows weather icons? NOT loving it! After the kids go to their dad's in the morning I want to hit the trails to run and I see 30 degrees being the weather out! WOWZAS... Gonna have to dress with Gloves, Headwrap, etc! I do not see sweating as a problem. Well it might be a problem as I wont be doing it!

So 6 months I have been going to the beautiful rails to trails. Not once had I encountered any problems. Then I go Wednesday Night. HUGE HUGE HUGE Black dog that looked like a bear!! It was one of those kinds like Beetoven on the movies. Is that a St. Bernard? OMGosh it was huge! And looking right at me... I knew it. It came over and was all wanting pet. Eeks. I kept saying "GO HOME" nope that thing did not care. So slowly I kept walking thinking... please stop. lol Eventually he left me. On the run back I saw him down in the woods and thought - that thing looks JUST like a bear!!! Beautiful and nice dog but lets just say - I have always had a healthy fear of dogs. This was not exciting to my run experience.

Ah but it was nice to be out there in the crisp fall air. I love my rails to trails. Then yesterday I tried... but I just couldn't do it. The rain and cold weather. So since I only had limited time before Justin brought the kidlets home to me, I ended up on my dads treadmill. BLAH My friend Jefferson calls treadmills the "hamster wheel" and man does it feel like that when on them. BORING!!! I want my trails. But it will work in a pinch. I also have the YMCA but that is work getting all the kids there and happy in their respective play rooms.

So anyways... tomorrow. Me - Trail - Cold... Can't wait!

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  1. Sounds like you are having fun :-). I just started cycling and hopefully once my ankle gets better will be able to start running again. LOL at your story about the dog. I bet it was freaky and rather scary! You should read my blogging buddy Paul's latest blog entry about his running adventures and the encounters he's had.