Monday, October 3, 2011

Just Random Thoughts - Homeschool, Separation and Clean Sheets

Sigh... I love the Sunday nights when my babies come home from their dads house every other weekend. First thing Wyatt says to me - Where's my cuddle? My heart melts. Alyssa and Tristan also are very cuddly when coming home. It is nice to have them be away because they miss me :) lol I am sure all you homeschoolers out there understand how strange that can be since being together 24/7 sometimes you take one another for granted. On one hand you learn to appreciate each other being constantly around -and become each others best friends, but on the other hand sometimes you forget how special it is. And little breaks are good for everyone. Just when my patience is about to wear out - I get a break and miss them terribly.

The kids were very appreciative about their cleaned rooms. Oh I make them clean their rooms themselves but their definition of clean is not mine. So every so often it is nice to give the rooms an overhaul when they are away and tidy them up for them. It is like Christmas because toys are back in their homes and things lost are now found. Funny how much more time is spent playing together when the room is in order.

I also had sheet washing weekend while they were away at their dads. Tristan was so silly he did not want to sleep under his covers cause he was afraid to mess up the bed (you would think I never do this! ha!). I promised him we could make it nice in the morning. I love their loft beds from Ikea. Makes living in small rooms much nicer - but making beds is NOT fun. Especially with his bed tent on it.

We have a busy week lined up. Alyssa will be starting Girl Scouts again. She did Girl Scouts when she was Daisy Age but right when she got involved Tristan came down with Leukemia and we had to pull her from her troop. So we are trying another go at this. I am a little nervous about how time consuming it will become but we will see. Adding it to Gymnastic and Swimming for Tristan and Alyssa.

I have a prayer request for my prayer warriors out there. Tuesday Morning is a Modification hearing for my child support. Not a major deal but I am a little - ok a LOT nervous about it. I am going lawyer-less because of lack of $. I also am unsure of what is going to happen at it since my X is now on full time Social Security. So prayers for GODS hand on my family appreciated. Justin and I are very civil and I feel confident things will be ok - but more prayers for smooth times appreciated.

I am blessed at how well things are going. In case you want an update. Life separated in process of divorce has its ups and downs but for the most part things are going well. Justin is actually fixing my computer for me right now - planning to bring it back to me all fixed and with a new wireless router and more memory on Tuesday after the hearing. It is good to still have the connection of my computer guy - hey - the kids need it! :)

We are settled into a nice routine of every other weekend. If he wants to see them more he could but for the most part he never asks. I don't think the kids know to be upset about that - but it keeps things routine for me. I try to pay attention to how Tristan is feeling. He is the one who misses his dad the most. When I feel like he is needing more time with Justin I ask Justin to come and take him to Gym or Swim. Just that extra hour does wonders for Tristan.

Homeschool Updates - we started back to our Harvest Co-op. LOVE IT!!! This year Wyatt joined us. Last year it feel right on nap time but since he gave up napping except on rare occasions, I am able to bring him along. I am the preschool teacher so it works well. He loved it! Tristan and Alyssa are enjoying their friends from last year and being back with the awesome teachers. It is great to have the blessing of a co-op where you can lean on the expertise of other parents. I feel like being the preschool teacher I get off easy - but as a mom of small kids myself - I know the time with your preschoolers occupied is a HUGE blessing for homeschool moms. The Littles sure are awesome. I am having a lot of fun already and look forward to the rest of the classes.

Note to self - I am so going to be more dedicated to penpal writing! Jessy - hold me to it! Sam and Cati will be getting letters this week!!!


  1. LOL I wouldn't rush on Cati's...she leaves for FL on Sunday and won't be back for 2 weeks!

  2. Glad to hear that things are going well. Hope the hearing went well.

  3. Glad to hear things are going smoothly for you and your family right now. Also hope the hearing went well. Tristan must be coming up to his one year off treatment date. That is a huge milestone for you and him.

  4. You have been tagged over at my blog :-) -

  5. Be thankful that he wants to at least be in their lives. You know my situation, it has been 6 years in Dec since Ethan has seen his dad.

    How did your child support modification turn out? You do know that if Justin is collecting social security that each of the kids can draw off of him. That is what the situation is with Ethan's dad. Ethan gets a check every month from social security...

    Be strong!!1

  6. Yes, that is how the child support turned out. lol we are now getting social security and then child support. It is $600 less a month then before but with a few things raising up due to less income it is more like a $250 loss... so just have to majorly cut corners and hope for the best. The hardest thing is Wyatts birthday is coming up and then christmas.... and you know there is always SOMETHING in life...

  7. What do the kids like toy wise...and what size clothes are the boys in?

  8. wyatt is pretty set for clothes as I kept all of Tristans for him. Tristan is in an 8-10