Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up -


Someone needs to come knocking on my door if I forget this. Because I had some great weeks recently and just forgot to blog about them! sigh....

So last Friday we joined a co-op at my church. Oh it is so nice! I am blessed already. My kids are taking Choir (A), Kindermusic (T), Sign Language (both), Art (T) and Home Ec (A). I teach the prek class for 2 periods and have one period in the Moms Zone.

Well my daughter was even more inspired to get into my kitchen after that. So she made us breakfast this week.

 and lunch...
We did a little experiment to see how polluted water can affect our plants.

 And another little kit from the dollar store on osmosis.

 Out to dry them...

 then put them in our water table to see if the bounced.
 Alyssa found the view underneath to be fun and we hit the table to pop them up until Wyatt yelled "Don't like it!"

 Wyatt did some tot school in the morning with shapes ALL BY HIMSELF.


  1. A did a WONDERFUL job with her meals! So glad to hear that your co-op is going well and that everyone is enjoying their classes and time there! The boys are looking more and more alike, huh?


  2. Home Ec is wonderful. I am loving that Kennady is helping with meals - my kids will get a cooking class at co-op too! Thanks for sharing all your great pictures!