Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Save the Date - by Jenny B. Jones , My Second Review

Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones is a story about two very different people. Alex Sinclair was born into money and made a name for himself in Pro Football. After an injury and personal family tragedy, he is running for Congress and is lacking in votes at the polls due. Lucy was born the daughter of a maid in a high class society and always felt the outcast. She returns to her home town to run a rescue mission that is cut funding severely due to economical times. Being in danger of losing the homes of 13 girls she feels responsible for, while Alex is worried about loosing and election, the two are thrust together in a crazy political scheme.

I love reading romance novels and chose this book for a fun night fiction reading after I get the kiddos to bed. I had never read any of this authors works but it sounded interesting.
I am glad I did pick the book. I liked it! It was a read that kept you not wanting to put it down as I stayed awake till 3 in the morning reading "just one more chapter". (I am going to be sorry today for that one)

I liked the bantering between the two of them, I think the cover art chose a great picture that really fit the character in the book so I was able to visualize the story well. I enjoy the pace of the book and the ease of the reading.

The only point that bothered me in the book was her over use of examples. Instead of describing someone she would compare them to someone. There is a lot of references to things like Facebook, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Singers and Actors. It was ok when I knew who they were talking about. But there was a lot that was not in my daily life and I had NO clue who they were. So describing someone as having hair like Angelina Jolie or she looked like a version of _______________, (see I did not know who they were and I already forgot the name) works to give me a vision only if I understand who you meant.

Being a reviewer, I was constantly cringing at all the references that will surely date this book. If I keep it for my daughter to read as a teen (she is 8 now) she is going to have a hard time reading the book. And for some odd reason, this bugged me.

Now most of you might be saying, who cares. Exactly. I am not sure why I cared. lol

But good book! I just might have to read it again some day it was that cute.

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